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Tecknuovo’s top tech community events – April 2020

We might be in strange times, but there’s still events happening virtually, meaning you can stay updated on the tech you love. Now more than ever it’s important to stay connected and socialise with the community online. You can find all the events, as well as a free virtual conference, happening this month in the Google Calendar below. More information about the Tecknuovo team’s favourite April events are within the article. You never know what you might learn this month!

Tecknuovo community update

During this time, having a supportive community around you can do the world of good. Over on our community Slack channel, we’ve added fun apps and a buddy system to help make sure that every member of the community has people they can reach out to if need be. Just because events aren’t currently bringing us all together physically doesn’t mean we’re not here for each other!

If you’d like to get involved and see for yourself how we’re banding together, join the community via this link. See you there!


April Events

Wednesday 1st

Virtual Meetup: Flask-PyMongo – Register here

Please join us for our first PyLadies London Virtual Meetup. We will have a presentation by Trupti Kini, software engineer at iProov, on Flask-PyMongo. Trupti will be take us from the beginning with Pycharm IDE, some shortcuts, virtual environment, the consoles, code assistance tips in Pycharm and configure Black in Pycharm. Join in to learn!

Thursday 2nd

ONLINE: Holding healthy team relationships during extended isolation – Register here

The occasional work from home is generally a nice break from the commute. But facing an extended period of such isolation is a big change for team relationships. Digital work can technically be done remotely, yet digital work is a team-sport and not being able to break-out for a chat, an impromptu whiteboard session, a lunch with a colleague can risk a breakdown in communication. As a result of this, teams need to stay connected. Find out from coaches how to best tackle this issue at this month’s Digital Leadership event. See you there!

Monday 6th

Free Webinar with Mary Poppendieck on Developing a Lean Mindset – Register here

This event has since been rescheduled to 15th June.

Bring your questions for the co-founder of the Lean Software Development Movement, Mary Poppendieck! She will be taking us from development to leadership to the whole lean mindset. We will talking about lean principles, how lean has evolved over the last 17 years, how it’s grown, the symbiotic relationship between tech and lean, the experience of being the lone female voice at the start business agility, and of course, questions from the audience!

Data Visualisation + Angular – Register here

We’re excited to host two Brazilian Google Developer Experts in this event! Bianca Ximenes, Product Manager of Artificial Intelligence, and Wilson Mendes, Senior Software Engineer at Atlassian will be sharing their talks with us. Join in to learn more about Google’s DataVis manual and Angular!

Tuesday 7th

LeadDev Live – Register here

A change from all the other April events, the LeadDev Live conference! We’re talking about how to be the most effective engineering leader in these uncertain times. Join the LeadDev community as we work this out together in 2 days of inspiring talks and interactive sessions. Check out the schedule now!

Wednesday 8th

Cloud Native London, April 2020 – Register here

Cloud Native London is changing events up with their first virtual event! Dewald Viljoen from RVU, Amir Avraham from Alcide and Andrei Cioaca from Capgemini will be sharing their talks. Join in to stay updated with latest updates from cloud development! Check it out!

 Thursday 9th

[ONLINE] Meet Amazing #WomenInData: Transitioning from Academia to Tech/Industry – Register here

This online April events themed around transitioning into the tech industry. There will be talks from women who will share their career journeys, experiences & advice in making this transition from academia. We’ll be hearing from Thea Lee, Engagement Director for Code Nation, Sarah Schlobohm who’s Senior Analytics Manager at Financial Crime Compliance, and Elsa Zekeng, Director & Head of student Engagement & Enhancement at Jobseekrs. Looking forward to having you join us!

Tuesday 14th

❄ Snowflake for SQL developers ❄ ONLINE event – Register here

This event is intended for SQL programmers, where we will focus on the differences between Snowflake SQL and SQL in other databases. Snowflake is an analytic data warehouse provided as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Snowflake provides a data warehouse that is faster, easier to use, and far more flexible than traditional data warehouse offerings. Snowflake’s data warehouse isn’t built on an existing database or “big data” software platform, unlike Hadoop. Join in to discover more!

Wednesday 15th

What I Wish I Knew About Maven Years Ago – Register here

Apache Maven is often seen as the defacto build tool in the Java space. Since its early days back in April 2002, Maven has helped developers build projects and assemble artifacts. On the surface not much appears to have changed in the design, structure, and build file syntax, but in reality there are quite a good number of features that have been added through the years that make Maven a powerhouse. Come to this talk if you want to learn more about these hidden nuggets and make the most of your Maven builds. See you there!

April Gophers (online) – Register here

Other than the online change compared to other events, this London Gophers will be business as usual! No jokes in this one. We’re not fools, just Gophers. This month we will be diving into even more amazing Go topics! We have talks from Selim Youssry on Go Interfaces to mock External Behaviours, Joshua Levin on Channels and Goroutines, and Duco van Amsteal on Linters for Fun & Profit. Don’t miss it!


Take care and look after yourself! If you fancy a chat, you can send a DM on our community Slack to one of the lovely people below!

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