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Tecknuovo’s top tech community events – August 2020

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I think it’s fair to say, summer is here! And with it a whole bunch of August tech events to enjoy. The advantage of virtual events is that you can still learn from the exciting August tech events happening and enjoy the sunshine at the same time. Within the article the Tecknuovo team has highlights some of the tech events they’re excited for. There’s a whole host of August tech events, from security to Agile to Java! Make sure you also check out the Google calendar for the full month view of August tech events happening.

Tecknuovo community update

July was an exciting month for us! Kat and Megan did a talk at DevRelCon Earth about what they’ve learnt from organising a community initiative. Later in the month, we were joined by none other than Noah Falstein, the game designer behind titles like ‘Sinistar’, ‘Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis’, and ‘Neuroracer’. August looks to be just as exciting!

On Thursday 27th, we’ll be hosting our August Ask Me Anything. We’ll be joined by fellow community member and OWASP London Chapter Leader, Sam Stepanyan. He’s going to be covering topics like getting started with security and DevSecOps and how to protect your social media. He’ll also touch on the importance of cybersecurity, what to do if you’re hacked, and more! Check out the event page here.

Not yet a member of the Tecknuovo community and want to take part in the event? No worries! You can join up to our Slack channel! You can do this by registering here:

August Events

Tuesday 4th

LJC Virtual Meetup: Functional Programming in Java, Groovy, and Kotlin – Register here

See how features of functional programming can be implemented in three different JVM-based languages. Discover how lambda expressions, method references, and streams are handled differently. As well as higher-order functions, closure composition, trampolining, currying, tail recursion, and more. Join in!

1st Platform Engineering Meetup – Register here

Platform Engineering Online welcomes you to their first ever event! They’re going to kicking off the evening with ‘Make serverless your competitive advantage’ with Daniel Bergamin, who’s Trading Systems Engineer at Maven Securities. Secondly, Sana Essid who is Platform Engineer at Trainline will be sharing their talk on ‘Platform History’. Lastly, Gerald Schmidt, Lead Infrastructure Consultant at ThoughtWorks will be taking you home with their talk on ‘Kubernetes and Open Source in the Cloud’. Don’t miss it!

Wednesday 5th

Cloud Native London, August 2020 – Register here

Join us online, learn about Kubernetes and cloud native from three great speakers, and meet your fellow techies! Cloud Native London will be joined by experts from Intel, Palo Alto Networks and Cisco. A whole host of experts. Who knows what exciting new practice or process in the cloud native space you’ll learn!

Cybersecurity with Seidea: Security Malware Threats 101 – Register here

In this online webinar, you will learn more malware, a software intentionally designed to cause damage to a computer, server, client, or computer network. You will learn the wide variety of types of malware that exist, such as Trojan horses, logic bombs, ransomware, spyware and many more. Stephanie Itimi, founder of Seidea will be lending her expertise via a workshop. The workshop will also touch upon ways you can protect against malware. Discover more about cybersecurity.

London Microservices Meetup [Online] – Register here

At this month’s London Microservices, there’s three exciting talks to learn from! Firstly, Tobias Piper from Loveholidays will be sharing his talk on ‘Lean microservices trough ahead of time compilation’. Next, Charles Wilson also from Loveholidays will be telling you more about autoscaling microservices with Kubernetes. Lastly, Amazon Web Services’ Cobus Bernard will be lending his expertise on what to avoid when adopting microservices. It’s sure to be an interesting evening!

Tuesday 11th

DevOps Bunker – Using Visual Models to Unlock BDD – Register here

London Devops, Dev and Test Gathering are pleased to announce the next in their series of online webinar events! Join in to learn more about DevOps, testing, and automation testing. Also software development, and more! See you there!

Thursday 13th

No Hate on Java 8, But 9-14 Reign Supreme – Register here

While most people are still using Java 8 from six years ago, new versions of the language are being released every six months! The latest versions provide an abundance of new features such as functional programming capabilities. Not to mention switch expressions, local variable type inference, and additions to the Stream API. Also new factory methods for Collections, text blocks and much more. This talk will introduce Angie Jones’, Java Champion and Senior Developer Advocate, favourite new features of Java 9 – 14. She’ll also provide examples of how these features can be used. Who knows what you’ll discover!

[ONLINE] Meet Amazing Women in Data: Diversity in Tech – Register here

HER+Data MCR is a community working to connect, inspire, support and empower the NW UK’s Women in Data! Their goal is to bring together women who work in data or who would like to work in data. To support one another, share experiences and talk data – big or small! Whether you’re a student just embarking on a career or a seasoned data professional, this group is for you. They want to connect and inspire amazing data women with diverse expertise and experience. Check it out!

Friday 14th

Agile Lean Coffee #18: Agile Strategy – Register here

This month focuses on Strategy. You will discuss topics like how to decide on strategy, how to strategise where everyone has a voice in a psychologically safe environment, ahnd how to adopt an experimental mindset with strategy. You’ll also cover what is bad strategy and what is good strategy. Also, Nancy Evbuomwan will be joining to share her expertise. She is a business agility coach and startup enthusiast. She also hosts the strategic podcast Better, Faster & Happier. Click ‘Register here’ to discover more.

Thursday 27th

Meetup Mates AMA with Sam Stepanyan! – Register here

For our August Ask Me Anything, we’re thrilled to be joined by fellow community member and OWASP London Chapter Leader, Sam Stepanyan! Sam will share his expertise on getting started with cybersecurity, DevSecOps, social media security, and more. Have your unasked questions answered. We look forward to seeing you there. Don’t miss it!


Take care and look after yourself! If you fancy a chat, send a DM on our community Slack to one of the lovely people below! Or message them on Twitter.

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