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Community Hub / May 22, 2020 / 3 min read

Celebrating one year of our community initiative

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Today marks the our community initiative’s first birthday, and what a year it’s been! We’ve taken the time to reminisce. Looking back at how the initiative came to be and also taking a look forward to exciting future horizons.

The mission behind Tecknuovo’s community initiative is simple. Our aim is to bring people together who might not otherwise attend events. We want to create a community where everyone can feel engaged and support to learn about the areas of tech they love.

All it takes is an idea

The idea for the initiative came about during a large conference. For some members of the Tecknuovo team it was their first conference of this size and the usual worries appeared. What if they couldn’t find anyone they knew? What if they wanted to know more about one of the talks? Who could they ask for help? With support of friends already within the community, the Tecknuovo team felt an improvement to aspects of the conference. In particular, their social worries were eliminated. The team was able to fully appreciate the talks and learn from experts.

We’ve all had the worry of being “solo”. Needing to introduce yourself to groups of people who know each already can be daunting. Everyone suffers from some form of impostor syndrome. But it’s through support of others that it can be overcome. Having a community by your side to assist with any worries can make the world of difference. From feedback we’ve received from the community, by having somewhere to go for advice or just a chat makes event going a lot easier.

Due to their regularity and importance in the tech community, it made sense that the initiative be available for, well, community events! These events are where people can share latest updates and innovations. Everyone should have access to updates on the practices, products, and processes in the tech that’s important to them. Ensuring that anyone who wants to attend can means that events will stay as the main hub of learning in the tech community.

5 minutes and 20 slides transformed to 100 members

Our initiative fully unveiled itself in September 2019. The team had been invited to speak at DevOpsDays London, sharing our talk with the DevOps and Cloud community. From the talk and meeting members of the community, we officially reach the 100 signup mark in less than four months!

2020 has seen the community grow and support event goers outside of London. We now support groups in Cardiff, Manchester, and Oxford helping us get to over 280 community members. We’re partnering with universities to help new graduates who are just entering the wider tech community. We’ve started the step-free transport initiative to help those who need it to feel more comfortable attending events. We’ve reached out to Occupational Therapists to ensure that the way we share information is clear and accessible to all.

We couldn’t be prouder of the way that the community has banded together during COVID-19 lockdown. Members have been checking in with each other, offering advice and recommending virtual events. The uptake of the Buddy Scheme, which paired everyone with a buddy to reach out to shows that the community continues to be a caring, mindful, and open. Through continuous feedback from the community, we’re constantly updating and improving. We want to ensure that our community initiative is as inclusive and welcoming as possible.

What’s next?

Whilst we can’t know exactly what heights our community might reach by its 2nd birthday, we’re looking forward to the exciting journey ahead. We couldn’t imagine a better community to be with us every step of the way. Our dream is to create an inclusive and supportive network to ensure that no one needs to feel alone or uncomfortable at a technology event again. We hope that you agree that we’re on the right path to achieving it.



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Tecknuovo’s community initiatives has a simple mission. We want to ensure that tech events are open, accessible, and fun for everyone who wants to take part.

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