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Meetups / Nov 29, 2019 / 3 min read

Dev and DevOps top meetups: Tecknuovo’s community event schedule December 2019

The countdown to 2020 is on and there’s still plenty of amazing meetups in December to attend before we relax during the festive break. Two meetups we help organise are also taking place, Cloud Native and London Microservices, so if you’re attending make sure to let us know! Don’t forget to check out the other December meetups in the Google Cal and the full list below.

Meetup Mates

Since launching Meetup Mates earlier this year, we can already see the benefits the platform is having on members. We are excited to watch the community continue to grow next year! We recently wrote a blog post reflecting back on the past six months, click below to read more and find out how you can sign up!


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December Meetups

Monday 2nd December

London Microsoft DevOps MeetUp @ Microsoft Reactor London – Register to attend here

Matteo Emili (Azure DevOps MVP) will show why you don’t need a label to add these practices, and how to introduce sustainable solutions to implement in your build and release pipelines in order to achieve a higher security standard across your projects without hampering your teams.

Build GCP infrastructure with Terraform @ Campus London – Register to attend here

This workshop will cover the basics of Terraform and enable you to build GCP resources like Google Compute Engine (GCS), Google Cloud Storage (GCS), IAM, etc.

Wednesday 4th December

How To Achieve Maturity In A DevSecOps Programme @ Veracode – Register to attend here

This talk is about maturing a security programme in an organisation’s DevOps/DevSecOps transformation. We will discuss how maturity models can be used to help organisations in achieving systematic improvements in any DevSecOps programs.

Data Visualisation Principles for Artificial Intelligence in Business @ 101 New Cavendish St– Register to attend here

There are many great new technologies in Microsoft that offer businesses to use AI, however we need to close the loop so insights are not lost. In this session, we will look at Microsoft Power BI, and AI Azure for data visualisation, along with best practices for visualising data for artificial intelligence.

Tuesday 10th December

Tech predictions for 2020 – Multicloud and the Agile Network Community @ Equinix HQ – Register to attend here

Join us for an evening of networking, lightning talks and open discussions on tech predictions for 2020.

Cloud Native London @ Sainsbury Bank plc – Register to attend here

It’s our December Cloud Native London meetup: the Christmas edition! We have some fantastic speakers for you, plus some particularly tasty food, drink and networking.

DevOps Patterns and Antipatterns & Best Practice Application Delivery @ Comply Advantage – Register to attend here

Analyse real-world software update fails and how multiple DevOps patterns could have saved developers. Manually making sure everything works before sending an update and expecting the user to do acceptance tests before they update, is most definitely not on the list of such patterns.

Wednesday 11th December

December Gophers @ Lush Studio Soho – Register to attend here

This Christmas special includes Zach Jones, Alexander Petrov and Roberto Clapis who will be speaking on a variety of different topics.

London Microservices Meetup @ BlackRock – Register to attend here

Topics will include the benefits of Microservices and how we can make Microservices great again. There will be opportunity for networking before and event the event.

Thursday 12th December

London DevOps #49 @ Puppet – Register to attend here

Our friends over at London DevOps have announced the date, the speaker lineup is TBA, but it’s expected to be great.


If you see any of the below lovely faces about, please don’t hesitate to say hi!

Megan Slater – @MeganKSlater
Tecknuovo Kat Paines
Kat Paines – @tecknuovo


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