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Dev and DevOps Top Events: Tecknuovo’s Dev and DevOps Community Event Schedule August 2019

Not many August events. London feels so empty all the sudden, even DevOpsDom decided to fly away to the “Caribbean blue” seas of Greece. August will be one of the quietest months in the London Tech event scene, but don’t worry there is still something to do every week!

Cloud Native London is business as usual. Meet us on the first Wednesday of the month at Code Node. This your chance to learn from Airbus, one of the world’s second biggest aerospace and defence companies, about their journey to a more cloud-native approach.

Next up is London Microservices at Conde Nast. You will have a chance to hear from Nicky Wrightson, but that’s all we know for know. Organisers as usual keep it as a secret till the last moment, but attendance never fails!

Finally, the month will finish with NodeJS and Ansible events, one after the other!

A better way of attending events together:

Have you joined our community initiative yet? Last month was super busy, with over 10 events! We even accidentally took part in a reality TV show musical!

Our community is growing every day and anyone that joins before 23rd August will have a chance to join our first Secret Community Party!

What’s our community initiative?

Our initiative is an online community for everyone who wants to attend August events, but doesn’t have anyone to go with. Or simply wants to make new friends with other event communities in London. Register here and be our mate! 🙂

With temperatures rising, the August events are slowing down, but fear not, there’s still plenty of hot August events to attend. Here are all the amazing events happening in London this month. We are going to be there, so don’t be shy, come find us and say hello! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

You can add our event calendar here:

Thursday, August 1

PHP London August 2019 – Register to attend here

Are you into PHP? Come to PHP London and meet other PHP users. Exchange ideas, talk about code, architecture, innovation, and open source. Anyone interested in PHP is welcome, so make sure you check it out.

Monday, August 5

General Talks – GCP DevOps & BigQuery Journeys – Register to attend here

Join this month’s Google Developer Group to find out more about Software Developer Career Transformation and what’s it like to transition from Software Development to DevOps and Cloud focus. Join Alessandro Puccetti as he runs a hands on session on using BigQuery!

Tuesday, August 6

UK Azure User Group – Register to attend here

This month’s focus is on deployments. Learn with Matteo Emili is a Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies about advanced deployment patterns in practice.

Extreme Tuesday Club: Dark Agile – Register to attend here

The eXtreme Tuesday Club (XTC) is London’s oldest agile event, and has been meeting since 1999. Initially, the event was focused on discussing Extreme Programming (XP), but it has expanded to include anything XP, agile, lean, or the larger context in which we do software development activities. This week’s talk will focus on everything agile, especially what can we do to reclaim technical agility.

Wednesday, August 7

Cloud Native London August – Register to attend here

Cloud Native London is business as usual. Meet us on the first Wednesday of the month at Code Node. This your chance to learn from Airbus, one of the world’s second biggest aerospace and defence companies, about their journey to a more cloud-native approach.

LDNUG August 2019 with Mark Rendle and Willow Rendle – Register to attend here

Join LDNUG this August to hear from .NET wizard Mark Rendle who will be talking about high-performance networking in .NET Core using Visual Recode. Then Mark’s daughter Willow will be talking about her continuing adventures using Unity 3D and C# to simulate being a shark.

Tuesday, August 13

DevOps Exchange at The Telegraph – Register to attend here

If you’re a DevOps, Operations or Development person, and you’re interested in hearing war stories surrounding DevOps from like-minded individuals then this is the event for you. Organisers have promised to share more details on speakers and topics soon.

Wednesday, August 14

Microservices Meetup at Conde Nast – To be announced soon

Details to be announced soon, but we have some intel that Nicky Wrightson will be speaking there this month.

London Tech Ladies – Register to attend here

Join Sonya Barlow, founder of Like Minded Females and TEDx speaker, for an interactive workshop on how to thrive in a male dominated world. Sonya will share actionable examples which can change your mindset, approach and help you to thrive!

Wednesday, August 21

Linuxing in London – Ubuntu – Register to attend here

This month’s Linuxing London invites you for a snappy evening of Ubuntu! Hear from Igor Ljubuncic, Developer Advocate at Canopnical showing off hard-core Linux tricks and providing a tutorial on how to create snaps. P.S. There will be a raffle!

Wednesday, August 28

LNUG #87 – Register to attend here

The London Node.js User Group (LNUG) is the longest standing Node.js event in London and has been hosting first-class events for over 4 years. LNUG has welcomed speakers from all around the world and over time built up a truly global audience. If you’ve never been, make sure to register early to hear from Forbes Lindesay about Security in Node.js, and
Thomas Ankcorn about Indie Hacking with Postgraphile.

Thursday, August 29

Ansible London Meetup – Register to attend here

They’ll have talks, drinks and pizza. So come along, mingle with fellow Ansiblers, and hopefully learn something interesting from the experiences shared.

Meet us there:

Dominique Top – @DevOpsDom
Tecknuovo Kat Paines
Kat Paines – @tecknuovo
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