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Tecknuovo’s top tech community events – February 2020

A month into 2020, and hopefully everyone’s back into the swing of things. As we’re approaching the depths of winter, perhaps now is the time to gather at an event to learn about an emerging language, practice or framework whilst avoiding the cold. You can find a compact view of all the February events in Google Calendar. Alternatively, you can find out more about the Tecknuovo team’s favourites within the article.

Tecknuovo community update

We’ve had a very exciting start to the year, which included reaching over 250 members and a re-brand! The initiative helps break down that barrier of arriving solo to make event more inclusive for everyone. If this is the first time you’ll be attending a event, why not join our community initiative!


February Events

Tuesday 4th February

GraphQL London #12 @ Deliveroo – Register to attend here

Alex is a Senior Software Engineer at Deliveroo. He is a programmer by day, chiller by night and is focused on making the front-end web a better place for all of us. Joining Alex is Jonathan, who is a freelance at Eurosport and co-founder of GraphQL Paris Meetup. He is an accomplished speaker with more than 5 years’ experience and likes to talk on many topics. Also, during last year he has been using Apollo GraphQL and advocating GraphQL to the French community.

PyData London – 63rd Meetup @ 1 Angel Lane – Register to attend here

The global PyData network promotes discussion of best practices, new approaches, and emerging technologies. These can be used for data management, processing, analytics, and visualisation. PyData communities approach data science using many languages, including (but not limited to) Python, Julia, and R.

Wednesday 5th February

Cloud Native London, February 2020 @ Sainsburys Technology Hub – Register to attend here

Get ready to enjoy tasty pizza and beer, while learning about the latest and greatest in Cloud Native. During this event, we’ll be hearing talks from Bryon Allen, Ines Cheikhrouhou, and Jai Campbell on MLflow and Kubeflow, disaster recovery, and site reliability engineering.

Monday 10th February

“Lasting Change in your Agile Transformation” with Zia Malik @ Gamesys – Register to attend here

Guiding an organisation through an agile transformation is difficult, enabling it to change, almost impossible. As a result, we need more of a principles-based approach that enables organisations to take ownership. In this way, we can apply agile principles to achieve agility across the entire domain of the organisation.

Wednesday 12th February

AppSec Transformation Journey: Front-End Browser Client @ 34-37 Liverpool St  – Register to attend here

Web clients are the main, if not the de-facto, method to interact with most modern applications. Let’s discuss the changes in this February events landscape and how security has adapted (if at all).

True Value of DevOps and Unlocking DevOps Capabilities & Myth of DevOps @ ComplyAdvantage – Register to attend here

DevOps Underground is a community-focused event. We organise onsite and online events based on latest practices in DevOps and MicroServices domain. Also, at this event we have talks from Mark Debny and Brendan O’ Reilly.

Monday 17th February

Business, Analytics & Data Science Meetup 27 @ CMS London – Register to attend here

Happy New Year! We’re looking forward to welcoming you to the first BizDS Meetup for 2020. Again, at the beautiful offices of CMS LLP, above Cannon Street station. During this event, speakers include Kim Nilsson, Maryam Ahmed and Jyothi Gupta.

Tuesday 18th February

London Microservices Meetup @ Telegraph Media Group – Register to attend here

This event is aimed to those interested in architecting, designing, deploying and maintaining microservice based software. During this event, we’re going to be joined by Igor Karpovich from Skyscanner who will be telling us about adopting observability at scale. We will also hear from Luca Mezzalira from DAZN who will be going through micro-frontends.

Wednesday 19th February

February Gophers @ Deliveroo – Register to attend here

Looks like its time to leap into another London Gophers this month. I guess we have something in common with the year? At this event, we will be joined by Alice Cheung, Dom Green, and Ilan Pillemer. Therefore, we can’t wait to see you there at our February events!


If you see any of the below lovely faces about, please don’t hesitate to say hi!

Vic Law - Tecknuovo - January Meetups


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