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Meetups / Jan 02, 2020 / 4 min read

Tecknuovo’s top tech community meetups – January 2020

New year, new meetups! After a relaxing festive break it’s time to get stuck in with upcoming events. Whether your New Year’s resolution is to develop your current skills or that you fancy learning a new language in 2020, there’s sure to be a meetup for you. You can find a compact view of all the January meetups in Google Calendar, as well as the list below.


January Meetups

Tuesday 7th January

XTC: Testing Shapes – Pyramids vs Henges @ The City Pride – Register to attend here

So, kicking off 2020 with analysing abstract art in the hopes of generating insights into why we test our systems the way we do. The catalyst for this topic is the “Test Pyramid” – as described here. If we can have a Pyramid, then why not other shapes? A diamond? Or perhaps other more complex structures, like a Henge?!

Wednesday 8th January

Cloud Native London, January 2020  @ Sainsburys Technology Hub – Register to attend here

You can recover from the holiday season by learning about Kubernetes and meeting your peers. We have talks by Chris Milsted from VMWare, Hussein Badakhchani from Esquimo, as well as Viktor Petersson from WireLoad.

2 Presentations: Micro frontends & the road to the continuous monitoring @ ComplyAdvantage – Register to attend here

At this month’s DevOps Underground, we have talks from Peter Eijgermans who’ll be sharing with us the concepts of Microservices to the frontend world. We’re also joined by Paweł Piwosz, who’ll be exploring if monitoring is up-to-date with current DevOps practices and how we need to make the move to automated monitoring.

Tuesday 14th January

Build Serverless APIS with Serverless functions + Svelte @ The Microsoft Reactor London – Register to attend here

We will be having two talks: Serverless & GraphQL followed by Svelte. We will learn how to build Microservices. Then we will build a GraphQL API on top of that. Lastly, we will build a Serverless function and host that in the Cloud (Azure). Get a chance to learn Microservices with Docker Compose, GraphQL and Serverless! This is followed by Svelte, everyone is talking about Svelte. What is it, how do we get started and more.

Machine Learning at Expedia group, lessons learnt and more! @ The Angel Building – Register to attend here

We are extremely excited to start the new year with our next meetup at Expedia with talks from two very talented data scientists. Therefore, you can talk to the team about the interesting and challenging machine learning problems they solve.

Wednesday 15th January

AppSec transformation journey: Mono to Microservices architecture @ 34-37 Liverpool St – Register to attend here

There are lots of talks and discussions relating to transformation programmes and the move from monolithic to Microservices architecture. As a result, what does it mean to security reviews and factoring in security with the new application architecture?

Diversity for digital – Become the ambassador of making a difference @ Moo – Register to attend here

So far, digital has very much been about delivering software technology in support of the business. The computer educated and literates have populated IT departments and benefited from the rise of the digital economy. Although, most of them would probably not realise it, they have enjoyed a privileged position. As enterprises are looking to be more inclusive, we are seeing diversity targets for gender and/or ethnicity. Is this the right way of addressing this challenge?

“Agile visualisation and collaboration using Strategy Maps” with Craig Cockburn @ Gamesys – Register to attend here

All too often, strategy is a static PowerPoint that goes out of date and gives little indication of the “why of movement”. Incorporating thinking from Simon Wardley, Strategy Maps supports why movement being visible is key. This helps to give teams context based decision making and supports better alignment and reflection towards successful outcomes.

Tuesday 21st January

London Scala Talks: Jacob Wang & Lucio Biondi @ Playtech– Register to attend here

This month, we’ll be hearing from two exciting speakers, Jacob Wang and Lucio Biondi. You won’t want to miss the talk from this January Meetups!

Wednesday 29th January

DevOps 2020 Summit @ Techspace Shoreditch – Register to attend here

So, you want to scale DevOps within your organisation. You’ve created a team with the right skills and prioritised a culture of continuous improvement. As a result, you’ve had some successes with automation and now you want to take it to the next level. What can possibly go wrong?

Thursday 30th January

Docker London – January  @ Babylon Health – Register to attend here

To kick start the New Year, Docker London will be taking place on Thursday 23rd January and you won’t want to miss it!


If you see any of the below lovely faces about, please don’t hesitate to say hi!

Vic Law - Tecknuovo - January Meetups


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