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Tecknuovo’s top tech community events – July 2020

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The weather is certainly heating up for the summer, and there’s plenty of July tech events to choose from to enjoy in the sunshine! (Or if you’re trying to escape from it!) July tech events bring with them a whole host of virtual events ranging from testing to Cloud to data – you’re sure to discover something new. Check out the Google calendar below for the full list of July tech events happening. Within the article, you can find our pick of the bunch that the Tecknuovo team are particularly interested in. Have a read of the description and see what catches your eye! Who knows what interesting new update or practice you’ll learn about this month?

Tecknuovo community update

On Thursday 23rd July, we’ll be hosting our second Ask Me Anything evening. I’m excited to announce that legendary game designer, Noah Falstein will be joining us! The event will start at 18:30 over on the #ask-me-anything channel on our community Slack workspace. Have your unanswered questions on game design, VR/AR storytelling, the future of games for health, and more answered! You can find out more in the article, or by following this link to the event page.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what the Ask Me Anything evening is like, you can check out our article on the last event when we were joined by Laura Tacho, VP of Engineering at Aula. Not yet a member of our community initiative and want to take part in the event? No worries! You can join up to our Slack channel! You can do this by registering here:

July Events

Wednesday 1st

DevOps Bunker – The Time For A New Test Data Paradigm Is Now – Register here

London DevOps, Dev and Test Gathering are pleased to announce that they are to be joined by Huw Price with his webinar! Huw’ll be discussing the topic, ‘the time for a new test data paradigm is now’. Don’t miss this exciting discussion!

The female champions of Rwanda’s rising tech-scene – Online Meetup – Register here

Rwanda in 2020 is a tech hotspot on the rise. With two new innovation hubs per year, most recently one funded by Klarna founder Niklas Adalberth. A favourite African launchpad for global actors such as the Volkswagen Smart Mobility project and Silicon Valley based drone startup Zipline. Second place in Africa in the ease of doing business according to the World Bank, it’s no surprise. You’ll be joined by Lena Simon, who is founder & CEO of betahills, a software testing company working with an all-female team of testers in Rwanda. Check out this event to discover more.

Cloud Native London, July 2020 – Register here

Juergen Etzlstorfer from Dynatrace, Alicja Kucharczyk from Microsoft as well as one of the experts from Contino are joining Cloud Native London this July event! Cloud Native London is lucky to have Khusro Jaleel, who’ll be entertaining attendees with his guitar during the break! See you there!

Thursday 2nd

London DevOps #53 (Online) – Register here

London DevOps goes online again this month with a schedule of two talks taking place over Zoom, followed by a social session to which everyone can contribute. Firstly, Sanjeev Sharma (Accelerated Strategies) shares his talk Multi-Cloud Snake Oil: Is Multi-cloud For Real and Do You Even Need It? Secondly, Josh Van Leeuwen (Jetstack) follows him with his talk kube-oidc-proxy: Consistent User Identity in Multi-cloud. Who knows what you’ll learn!

Friday 3rd

CTO Craft Bytes – Agile Delivery & Productivity Secrets – Register here

This free online fireside chat brought to you by CTO Craft will look at how to streamline and improve your agile team’s delivery, improve throughput and productivity and generally get better and releasing value more frequently. Chris Parsons, Chief Film Technology Officer at Gower Street Analytics and blogger at Delivery Doubled joins the panel for this month’s event. Check it out!

Monday 6th

Tricks and tips for working with finance data in Power BI (Option 1) – Register here

Excel has always been the tool of choice for the finance team with the flexibility it provides for logic, formatting and presentation of numbers. But this flexibility has also caused Governance nightmares, performance issues and huge risks with manual processes. Is it possible to also achieve the desired outcomes and flexibility with Power BI whilst also having all the benefits of working in a more controlled, automated and feature-rich environment? Yes! Find out how!

Wednesday 8th

Cloud native Ops on OCI – monitoring, alerting, automation & infra as code – Register here

Oracle Ace Director Lucas Jellema joins Oracle Developer Meetup London for this July event. Want to learn more about developing Enterprise-grade Cloud Native applications on the Oracle Cloud Platform? Are you ready to discover topics like Microservices Architecture, Serverless Functions, and Kubernetes? How about developing in Node, Python and PHP? Does using Low Code development tools to build Mobile apps, chatbots, and integration intrigue you? Check it out!

Thursday 9th

[ONLINE] Meet Amazing #WomenInData – Register here

HER+Data MCR is a community working to connect, inspire, support and empower the NW UK’s Women in Data! Their goal is to bring together women who work in data or who would like to work in data. To support one another, share experiences and talk data – big or small! Whether you’re a student just embarking on a career or a seasoned data professional, this group is for you. They want to connect and inspire amazing data women with diverse expertise and experience. Don’t miss it!

Wednesday 15th

ONLINE: Azure DevOps – Register here

CI/CD is a complex process. So, why to not use a complex tool? Let’s create a pipeline from commit to deployment using Azure DevOps! During this hands-on talk, DevOps Underground will see the basic functionalities of Azure DevOps. Starting with creating the project, repository, doing the first commit, through artifacts build to deploy the service. They will go step by step through main components of the CI/CD tool. By the end, you will learn how easy is to extend the capabilities of Azure DevOps by custom modules.

July Gophers (online) – Register here

Are you ready for another London Gophers show? They’re back again with another Go-filled goldmine! Firstly, Shubham Chadokar will be sharing their yet to be announced talk. Secondly, they’ll be joined by Syamala Umamaheswaran who’ll be sharing their talk ‘Lean Log Monitoring System in Go’. You won’t want to miss this!

Thursday 23rd

Meetup Mates AMA with Noah Falstein! – Register here

Noah Falstein, legendary game designer is going to be joining us for our very exciting July Ask Me Anything evening! Noah will be answering your questions on the game design process, as well as where he thinks game development and VR/AR storytelling could go in the future. It’s sure to be an insightful evening! Noah has been a professional game developer since 1980. His game titles include ‘Sinistar’, ‘Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis’, and ‘Neuroracer’. He was one of the first ten employees at LucasArts Entertainment, The 3DO Company, and Dreamworks Interactive. In 1996 he founded The Inspiracy, one of the world’s longest-running game design consultancies. Want to discover the potential of VR in MedTech? Are you also intrigued by the possibilities of neurogaming? This is the event for you! See you and your questions there.

Thursday 30th

To Be Announced LLHS Ladies of London Hacking Society – Register here

Please note this event has been cancelled. It’s replaced with North East Ladies Hacking Society 2nd Meetup. This event is happening on 28th July.

An offensive & defensive technical security event for women. This is women centric not women exclusive. Provided the content is reviewed by organisers first, men who want to give a talk, run a workshop, or hold a lab are welcome to contribute. Focus is on technical knowledge and skill sharing between women in the security field. Check it out.


Take care and look after yourself! If you fancy a chat, you can send a DM on our community Slack to one of the lovely people below!

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