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Dev and DevOps Top Events: Tecknuovo’s Dev and DevOps Community Event Schedule June 2019

Summer is here and we’ve been officially publishing our monthly event calendar for 6 months! It is also the last time we will be posting it on this website, but more to be announced next month!

We hope that our event calendar has helped some of you attend more events, find out about communities in London you weren’t aware of, and become a more active and confident participant in the community (or simply become an expert taster for London’s takeaway pizza).

Some events will run through the summer months like Docker, Cloud Native, Microservices. Some events will be taking a break like React JS Girls and Prometheus London. But before that happens, June is the last month before the summer break starts.

Tecknuovo community update

Finally, we’re excited to share that our community initiative will now officially launch on June 3rd. Once you register via online form, you will receive an email with a slack channel invitation.

In May, we had over 50 community member testers who have helped us understand how to run this community better. We’ve attended 6 events together: Cloud Native London, Docker London, Kubernetes, #SEAM, Microservices User Group and London DevOps, and we can’t wait to attend more in June!

Our initiative is an online community for everyone who wants to attend events, but doesn’t have anyone to go with, or simply wants to make new friends with other event communities in London. Join us for the official launch in June, register here and be our mate! 🙂

Here are all the amazing events happening in London this month. We are going to be there, so don’t be shy, come find us and say hello! =^● ⋏ ●^=

You can add our event calendar here:

Tuesday, June 4th

[DEV] The JS Roundabout #23 – Register to attend here

JS Roundabout will be taking place at Bulb’s amazing office in Spitalfields. At this event, we will hear from Frontend Developer at Vodafone, Alessandro Giordo. Alessandro who will be giving a talk on ‘Performance in a Nuxt/Vue app and React app’.

Wednesday, June 5th

[DEVOPS] Cloud Native London – Register to attend here

Another great line-up of speakers brought to you by Cheryl (@oicheryl). Join and hear from Michael Coté from Pivotal, sharing his perspective on how to go about creating a DevOps culture; Andreas Claesson, Senior Security Consultant at mnemonic, talking about securing microservices in a serverless world; and Alex Tasioulis, DevOps Engineer at 10x Banking who will briefly review what observability is and why old paradigms break when dealing with microservices.

[DEVOPS] Prometheus London – Register to attend here

Hear from Adrien Fillon (@adrienf_) SRE at ManoMano, who flew all the way from Bordeaux to talk about some of the pains and challenges of deploying a culture of observability and its tools in complex/siloed organisations and what we can do about them; Toby Lorne (@tlornewr) an engineer from the UK Government Digital Service who will demo a Prometheus exporter for Monzo bank accounts; and Łukasz Mierzwa ( engineer and the core author of Unseen and Karma open source projects!

[DEV] London .NET User Group – Register to attend here

London .NET User Group is here to provide developers working with Microsoft’s .NET framework with access to the latest and best information. Join London .NET June edition to hear from Robin Minto talking about Advanced Persistent Threat groups, and Andrew Chaa talking about applying domain-driven design to API development.

Tuesday, June 11th

[DEV] London Django Meetup – Register to attend here

Still a mystery! Details to be announced soon!

Wednesday, June 12th

[DEV] The Cloud is Other People’s Computers – Register to attend here

Join Andy Duncan, Principal Engineer at ITV during this event, where you will implement a highly available URL shortening service, at minimal cost and management overhead. By using native features of cloud computing you will learn how to quickly build complex applications and concentrate your efforts on solving business problems, not managing infrastructure.

Thursday, June 13th

[DevOps] London DevOps #44 – Register to attend here

This time hosted at JP Morgan Offices (fancy), June edition of London DevOps is focused on the financial sector and how they deal with their DevOps journey. Attendees will get a chance to hear from Gary Povey and Clayton De Souza – Invesco, and Kevin Cameron from J.P. Morgan Chase.

[Dev] London Microservices – Register to attend here

If your interest lies in architecting, designing, deploying and maintaining microservice based software architectures then this event is right up your alley. Join fellow microservices enthusiasts at Revolut! Speaker line up to be announced soon.

[DevOps] Ansible London – Register to attend here

Dear Ansiblers, it’s time for another Ansible London. Want to learn more about Ansible? Already know Ansible well? Learn, or share the knowledge you already have, everyone is always welcome!

[DevOps] SEAM #27 – Enterprise Orchestration (Purpose, Pipeline and GitOps) – Register to attend here

Join SEAM 27 at Stack Overflows offices in Old Street, and hear from just3things, Rob Vanstone from Xebialabs, and Brice Fernandes from Weaveworks! Also if you’ve entered Xebialabs competition, the only way to win is to attend (just so you don’t say you weren’t warned!).

Wednesday, June 19th

[DevOps] Keynote by Kris Nova on The Power of Linux Virtualization with Cloud Native – Register to attend here

Attend this keynote and hear from Kris Nova, a senior developer advocate at VMware focusing on containers, infrastructure, and Kubernetes. Kris is also an ambassador for the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. She will talk about what makes virtualization possible, and why it’s a powerful feature with Cloud Native and Kubernetes. Make sure to check it out!

Thursday, June 20th

[DevOps] Hot Topics – Burning Issues: Round 4 – Register to attend here

A monthly gathering for anybody involved with factoring Security into DevOps – this is not just for developers or security SMEs.

Tuesday, June 25th

[Dev] ReactJS Girls London #18 – Register to attend here

This event is open to everyone, not just girls. June is the last event before the summer break! ReactJS Girls London event will be hosted at Which? – one of ReactJS Girls Conference Diversity Sponsors! React.JS Girls London event is organised by YLD ( – a software engineering and design consultancy, helping you succeed by moving your team from a culture of delivery to a culture of learning.

Wednesday, June 26th

[Dev] London Node.js User Group #85 – Register to attend here

Commonly referred to as LNUG, this is a friendly monthly event for people using Node.js for fun or profit! Once again held in an amazing Conde Nast offices, attend this event for Orfeo Nicolai, Head of Software at Karakuri (a company that combines robotics with AI and state-of-the-art machine sensing,to help reduce waste and deliver an entirely new category of made-to-order healthy convenience food); and Artsiom Mezin, Senior Frontend Developer at Behavox (People Analytics company, using AI to make companies smarter, more secure and more successful).

Meet us there:

Dominique Top – @DevOpsDom
Tecknuovo Margo Gantner
Margo Gantner – @tecknuovo
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