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Free Training Session For Junior Engineers: From Zero to Cloud Native with Ivan Pedrazas at Tecknuovo Offices

Being a junior engineer is tough. Not only does everyone want to hire Software Developers & DevOps engineers with a lot of experience under their belt, but once you do land your first job, you’re very likely to be quite overwhelmed with the amount of tooling you’re immediately exposed to. Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, the HashiCorp suite are all high in demand skills and are probably some of the tools you will need to grasp quickly in the first weeks at your new job (Matthew Kjer describes it all in his blog post: Being a Junior Developer is tough).

Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to find free training opportunities in this space. Most events usually cover topics that are too advanced for junior engineers to gain value from, so unless your new company offers training or your senior colleagues have time and willingness to mentor you, upskilling seems like a pretty tough job.

That’s why, our key people’s person Jack Broughton – who has always felt like the lack of free coaching/advice for Junior Engineers is a real problem in this space – teamed up with Ivan Pedrazas @ipedrazas to organise a free to attend training at our Tecknuovo offices.

Free Training

On the 6th of December, we decided to test the idea and invited 12 Junior Software Engineers. They joined us for a free two-hour pilot event/training session on Docker, Kubernetes and Cloud Native Applications, prepared by the cat-stroking Kubernetes specialist and tech community advocate, Ivan Pedrazas.

The workshop was designed to give someone with little to no prior experience, basic training on Docker, Kubernetes and Cloud Native application architecture, deployment and configuration. After covering the basics of Docker Ivan moved on to introducing Kubernetes, focusing on highlighting the whys of using Kubernetes over more traditional systems. He gave us some great insights into a couple of common issues faced by teams deploying microservices. He recounted a few brilliant war stories! Some about debugging monitoring, upgrading microservice applications. And some about using side-cars and of control plane systems (such as Istio and Linkerd that was used to mitigate some of these problems).

For those who don’t know Ivan, he really is a chameleon. He always keeps his events and training sessions full of surprises:


Since this was our pilot training, it couldn’t have happened without some technical difficulties (damn you, USB-C!)… But Ivan managed to deliver an amazing training session that received some great feedback:

“These sessions are extremely beneficial for junior devs like myself, and also great for building networks and communities.”

“This was my first event and I feel like I have gained something with good food Pizza 🙂 ”

“Ivan is a great teacher, the materials used were helpful and the participation and interaction were encouraged”

“Great introduction/overview of Cloud Native.”

Junior developers left the training session full from a pizza break, but also expanded their knowledge with the following:

  • HPA, Readiness and liveness Probes
  • Considerations for Kubernetes, Docker, and thoughts regarding the future of CI/CD.
  • A better way to manager kubernetes clusters
  • Basic Concepts as What is a pod, service, etc
  • All the k8s and Docker APIs

Get Involved

We would like to organise more sessions like the From Zero to Cloud Native, so if you have any ideas or suggestions on what you would like to expand your knowledge on, or if you would like to take part in any future free training sessions, just message me on LinkedIn, or add your name here.

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