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DevOps Top Events: Tecknuovo’s DevOps Community Event Schedule March 2019

With the most beautiful weather at the end of February, we stroll into March charged and ready to attend all the exciting events in London!

Today is the Employee Appreciation Day and I hope you were treated to something special! If not, make sure to attend this month’s SEAM event, where you can enjoy a free 20 min stand up comedy show from one and only Felicity Ward!

Who runs the world?! March is also the month of the International Women’s Day and Tech Women London decided to throw a special event celebrating the amazing achievements of women in the tech industry, so make sure to check it out.

Finally, it’s Docker’s 6th anniversary and our busy bee Dom has been secretly organising the birthday shenanigans. Nothing confirmed yet, but as her office pal, I can say that it sounds like a be a big one! Register here to avoid the waitlist.

Here are all the amazing events happening in London this month. We are going to be there, so don’t be shy, come find us and say hello! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

You can add our event calendar here:


Tuesday, 5 March

Tech Women London & Women in DevOps collaboration – Register to attend here 

In line with International Women’s Day 2019, Tech Women London have teamed up with Women in DevOps to deliver an event that will celebrate the amazing achievements of women in the tech industry. Hear from Leigh Dixon, Head of Employee Engagement at Cloudreach and Ariane Gadd, Lead DevOps Engineer at KPMG.

SEAM#23 – Wellbeing: Learning from Extremes – Register to attend here

At the SEAM #23 you’ll be hearing from Felicity Ward, Drewe Broughton and Barry Chandler, who, through learning from their own fairly extreme experiences will share insights into how they coped/are coping with anxiety which hopefully will be of value if/when you or people close to you go through tough times. During this event, you will also have a chance to enjoy a 20 min stand up comedy performance from one of the speakers! Definitely, one you cannot miss this month!

Wednesday, 6 March

Cloud Native London – Register to attend here

This month, at Cloud Native you will have a chance to hear from our office pal – Pi Unnerup from ControlPlane. Pi is an Infrastructure Engineer and will give you a how-to guide for converting your project to GitOps with Flux. Kenneth Tan from Sardina Systems will talk about cloud computing challenges in the enterprise environment, what can be the strongest open source option, as well as cost-effective, flexible, reliable and fast execution. If you’re interested in learning more about what is happening in the Cloud Native ecosystem, this event is your cup of tea! – Don’t forget to register via skills matter

Thursday, 7 March

Prometheus London – Register to attend here

If you want to hear about various topics in the Prometheus ecosystem, this is the event for you. You will have a chance to enjoy the talks from Matthias Loibl from RedHat, Aleksei Semiglazov from Cloudflare, and Emily Labram from Government Digital Service.

Cassandra London – Register to attend here

After having over 6 months off, Cassandra London is back with a big relaunch at Monzo offices. This meet-up is perfect for anyone who is interested in Apache Cassandra™, Spark, GraphDB, Web, CLI, or other application development, and DataStax topics. All interest and expertise levels are welcome. You will have a chance to learn the latest news in the world of big data storage from engineers, architects, designers, administrators, and more.

Wednesday, 13 March

London Microservices – Register to attend here

If your interest lies in architecting, designing, deploying and maintaining microservice based software architectures then this event is right up your alley. Join fellow microservices enthusiasts at Gamesys and learn more about networking monitoring at scale with Sérgio Freitas from ThousandEyes. Finally, discover the path to serverless payments with Conrad Godfrey and Lee Nugent from Gousto.

Thursday, 14 March

London DevOps #41 – Register to attend here

This one you cannot miss. London DevOps always brings great speakers and is an awesome first step to become an active participant in the DevOps Community in London. Every month, London DevOps Group members meet to discuss anything and everything about DevOps. Join and talk about Automation, Orchestration, Containers, Virtualisation, Service Discovery, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. Register early to avoid the waitlist!

Tuesday, 19 March

Ansible London – Register to attend here

Come along to the Ansible London and join a group of Systems Engineers and DevOps folks who want to Ansible all the things. This group is for any level of experience. So whether you want to learn more about Ansible, or already know Ansible well, this event is a great place to be.

Wednesday, 27 March

Docker London – Register here to attend

It’s Docker’s 6th anniversary this month so get ready for some birthday shenanigans! Dom has prepared a bunch of amazing surprises, and as usual a fantastic speaker line-up, but it’s all a secret for now. I promise it will be fun, so make sure to register early because this event is famous for its long waitlist.

Meet us there:

Dominique Top – @DevOpsDom
Tecknuovo Margo Gantner
Margo Gantner – @tecknuovo
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