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Tecknuovo’s top tech community events – October 2020

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How are we already talking about October tech events?! Where has the year gone! Luckily there’s a lot of insightful virtual tech events happening this month that you can attend. Plenty of distraction whilst digging out your winter wardrobe and putting away summer clothes. From Hacktoberfest events to Scrum to DevOps, there’s certainly an October tech event for everyone, no matter what your goals are this month. We’ve highlighted some of the tech events we’re excited about in the body of the article. But make sure you also check out the Google calendar for the full month view of October tech events.

Tecknuovo community update

September proved itself to be a busy month for the Tecknuovo community! We were delighted to be joined by fellow community member, Sam Stepanyan for an Ask Me Anything evening at the end of August (close enough to September, right?) Sam is OWASP London Chapter Leader and an Independent Application Security Consultant. We put together an article featuring some of the topics we felt were particularly insightful.

Our Head of Marketing and Community, Kat shared her expertise on a topic that is very close to her heart. She covers the power of inclusion in the workplace. If diversity is the ‘what’, inclusion is the ‘how’. It’s a very important topic. Inclusion is something that we strive for, both in the Tecknuovo office and within our community.

October Events

Thursday 1st

Go Hacktoberfest – getting started contributing to open source – Register here

Hacktoberfest is an open source contribution festival run by Digital Ocean every October. This is all about encouraging meaningful contributions to the open source ecosystem — for beginners and veterans alike. Come along and get hands-on with some Go code and how Hacktoberfest works! This evening will feature a brief talk and a chance to help each other get set up with Go and start solving some real world problems.

Saturday 3rd

Womentechmakers – Algorithms & Data Structure study session – Register here

Do you want to be part of a group of likeminded women in tech to learn about algorithms and data structures together? This is a study session for folks who have some knowledge in algorithm and data structures. There won’t be an initial explanation of what Time complexity, Running Time, O(n), Algorithms, data structure or similar concepts are. It’s a focused study session for folks to share what they’re working on in an agile way: following standup, work time and retrospective. These sessions run every Saturday. Go along to learn more!

Tuesday 6th

Pipelines as Code: Multistage YAML Pipelines in Azure DevOps – Register here

Microsoft changed the way that developers thought about CI when they released YAML pipelines. It allowed developers to be fully accountable for their CI through PR’s code reviews and the standard processes we use day in day out. But one glaring area MSFT seemed to miss was release pipelines. You could see the YAML, but not using it to build pipelines. So much copy pasting of stages and then editing multiple stages when something needed to change. Join in with this event to learn more about Multistage YAML and how its features can help you!

Wednesday 7th

Cloud Native London, October 2020 – Register here

Learn about Kubernetes and cloud native online with this month’s fantastic speakers, plus hang out with your fellow techies! Firstly, Alex Jones from American Express will be kicking the evening off with their talk. Secondly, Pendo’s own James Charlesoworth will be sharing their talk on using serverless today. Finally, Kevin Crawley from Containous will be closing the evening for you. What an exciting line up!

Thursday 8th

Development and testing: advanced techniques – Register here

At this month’s Web Accessibility Meetup, you’ll be learning all about accessible testing. You’ll be given the chance to cover topics such as testing strategy and working with third parties. As well as essential skills you may need for advanced accessibility testing and how to create an accessibility test framework. It’s sure to be an insightful session.

Wednesday 14th

London Microservices Meetup [Online] – Register here

Streaming is all the rage these days, but can business systems be built using stream processing? This event explores this question by looking at Streaming Microservices using Kafka Streams. You’ll also discuss some of the patterns that are currently in use in real-life production microservices at ThousandEyes (part of Cisco) and things to avoid. Don’t miss it!

Wednesday 21st

ONLINE: Influencing DevOps without Authority – Register here

You know about DevOps, you know DevOps is right for your organization, but hey, what can you do? As an individual contributor or a team leader, your authority to transform your organization to DevOps is limited. But your influence is not! In this talk, Baruch will show how some proven influencing and negotiating techniques can be used to convince critical stakeholders in your organization in the necessity of DevOps. It’s sure to be an exciting event!

Monday 26th

Scrum Event and Fabian Schwartz (CST) Present: Extreme Results with Scrum – Register here

In this webinar, Fabian Schwartz will present the extreme results we have achieved in industries such as Compensation Funds, Insurance, Oil & Gas, Finance, Telecommunications and Retail. They will show how they achieved continuously 400%-600% performance improvement. They will also show how good Scrum practices can support Agile transformations and create high-performance teams that are capable of consistently generating increased value than when they have worked in traditional ways in the past. Check it out to learn more.

Thursday 29th

Coding That Sparks Joy With Quarkus – Register here

Does your heart beat faster when you’re developing your Java application? Does it spark joy when you’re coding? If not, then it’s time to leave some old ways behind. Join Edson Yanaga at this live coding session and get familiar with Quarkus. You’ll learn to love how your old and new favorite APIs will start in a matter of milliseconds and consume tiny amounts of memory. Hot reload capabilities for development will give you instant sparks of joy!

Saturday 31st

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! Hack the Coffin (Capture the flag competition for members) – Register here

It’s Ladies of London Hacking Society’s Halloween special and they have teamed up with HACK THE BOX to bring you a special something! Capture The Flag (CTF) Competition is a private event for Ladies Hacking Society (all chapters and all members). There are easy, medium and hard machines and challenges, so something for everything! Don’t miss out this spooky, scary event!


Take care and look after yourself! If you fancy a chat, send a DM on the community Slack workspace to one of the lovely people below! Or message them on Twitter.

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