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Community Hub / Feb 21, 2019 / 1 min read

Scott Perham from Polystream – 4,000 containers, 4 engineers – Docker London

Docker London – Scott Perham

Polystream’s platform is comprised of a broad set of technologies spanning multiple IaaS providers including many hundreds of service instances and huge amounts of telemetry, routed and processed in real-time. Using containers and supporting technologies, the platform team have been able to successfully design, build and operate a live, globally-distributed, highly-available, secure service platform with only 4 engineers. Polystream has become a great proof point for what is achievable using modern, cloud-first approaches to platform engineering, requiring only a few engineers… and a few thousand containers.

Scott is a technical architect specialising in cloud computing and distributed architecture. After a decade designing and building large scale, distributed systems for various different industries including defence, telecoms and games, Scott joined Polystream in 2016. In his previous role at Microsoft, where he led Lionhead’s Online Service team, he combined his profession with his passion for video games and is now using his talent to design and run Polystream’s cloud computing/streaming platform as Platform Architect.

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