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Tecknuovo’s top tech community events – September 2020

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The weather has been certainly keeping us on our toes, and what better way to escape from the rain than virtual September tech events? Plenty of different topics to choose from with the full calendar of September tech events. What will you do this month, learn a new skill or take a current skill to the next level? Or maybe both! There’s something for everyone this month with September tech events helping a wide range of goals. Within the article the Tecknuovo team has highlighted some of the tech events they’re excited for. Make sure you also check out the Google calendar for the full month view of September tech events happening.

Tecknuovo community update

We’ve published an article highlighting some of the answers we found impactful from Noah Falstein’s, the game designer behind titles like ‘Sinistar’, ‘Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis’, and ‘Neuroracer’, Ask Me Anything event. If you weren’t able to attend the event, make sure you give it a read to find out more about the potential of games, the ethics behind VR and how they lend themselves to MedTech. Give it a read here!

For our August Ask Me Anything, we were joined by fellow community member and OWASP London Chapter Leader, Sam Stepanyan. He covered topics like getting started with security and DevSecOps and how to protect your social media. He also touch on the importance of cybersecurity, what to do if you’re hacked, and more! You can read the whole transcript on the #ask-me-anything channel in our Slack workspace. If you’re not yet a member but want to read back over the event, no worries! You can join the Slack by registering here:

Keep your eyes peeled in September as we have some exciting community announcements that we can’t wait to unveil…

September Events

Tuesday 1st

Cloud Native London, September 2020 – Register here

Join us online and learn about the Kubernetes and cloud native from another three exciting speakers, plus meet your fellow techies! Firstly, you’ll be joined by Pieter Cailliau from Redis Labs who’ll be sharing their talk on doing more with Redis. Next, Hubert Bosiacki from Suade Labs will be sharing their talk. Lastly, Oracle’s Prasenjit Sarkar will share their talk ‘Bring your code and not Kubernetes YAML’. See you there!

Preparing a dataset for Machine Learning in Power BI (Option 1) – Register here

At this London Business Analytics Group event, you explore a famous machine learning dataset, the Breast Cancer Wisconsin (Diagnostic) data, to see if it is possible to build a model with some predictive power. After, you visualise the data as histogram, box and whisker plot and a ‘home-made’ swarm plot. To do this, you need to shape the dataset in the Query Editor and standardise the data with a few DAX calculations. Finally you’ll build, evaluate and run a predictive model using Power BI’s AutoML capabilities.

How Software Engineers can utilise DevOps best practices – Register here

Women in DevOps aim is to help close the DevOps gender gap and empower the DevOps leaders of the future. Their unique platform has become a global movement and is used to not only amplify the voices of women, but of all minority groups within DevOps, to break down the barriers and drive positive change. Join in!

Thursday 3rd

Enhance Mobile User Experience through Performance Testing – Register here
Consumers now expect digital experiences to exceed face-to-face experiences. Recent studies show that 80% of people have deleted a mobile app if they faced problems with its performance. This abandonment rate impacts the digital transformations that many companies are going through. In this talk, you will learn how mobile performance impacts user experience, what you need to look for when evaluating the performance of an app, and how to start testing mobile performance earlier in the dev cycle.

Saturday 5th

Black Codher Empowerment Day: Introduction to Cyber Security – Seidea – Register here

The Empowerment days are part of the #BlackCodher initiative to empower and equip black females to become full stack developers. The aim of these empowerment days is to inspire and motivate black women in tech and also hear stories of people and organisations successfully navigating the technology industry. This session you’ll hear from Stephanie who shares her story about what it means to be a cybersecurity expert.

Tuesday 8th

Mike Burrows: Right to Left – Register here

If you had to describe an Agile process, where would you start? “From the left”, with backlogs of work to plough through, or “from the right”, with needs met by working software? And does the difference in perspective matter? The difference matters more than you might think! At this event, you’ll see that learning to describe and introduce Agile and its frameworks “from the right” brings considerable benefits. And it’s not hard. Everyone can do it!

Thursday 10th

LJC Virtual Meetup: Functional Reactive with Core JDK with Sven Ruppert – Register here

There are a lot of reactive frameworks in the field, some with functional languages for the JVM. However, Java gives you both. But how you could combine this and use this without adding the next big framework to your project? London Java Community will have a Core Java journey to explore a lot of excellent possibilities based on the JDK.

Wednesday 16th

ONLINE: The History of DevOps at Amazon – Register here

Kelly Looney’s talk will cover yesterday, today and tomorrow. First, Amazon’s transformation from technology organization built on a monolith application into one composed of hundreds of independent teams building microservices end-to-end. All a decade before DevOps or microservices were really coined as industry buzzwords. Next, he will discuss how AWS customers use the Cloud to modernize themselves at a much faster pace than was thought possible in the past. Finally, he will talk about the future of DevOps and special challenges presented by modern applications and what NextOps will look like.

Monday 21st

KubeFlow, TFX, GPU/TPU, Spark, TensorFlow, Kubernetes, Kafka, Scikit – Register here

Validating machine learning models on historical datasets is the first step in assessing predictive performance. While offline tests demonstrate how a model performs according to evaluation metrics like accuracy or RMSE, these tests can’t establish causality between models and user outcomes. When your goal is to use ML to drive specific user behavior, like increasing click-thru rates or engagement, we need online validation. But the ability to validate models in an online manner depends on having the infrastructure to support different model rollout strategies such as blue/green deployments and canary deployments. In this talk we’ll introduce different model rollout strategies and demonstrate how to implement them using Amazon SageMaker.

Wednesday 23rd

London Calling – Register here

Open Spaces events are peer-to-peer events where the participants establish and agenda and then address it. In this event, London .NET User Group want to provide the opportunity for .NET developers (and others) to gather and share. What’s bugging you? Is there something you’re passionate about that not enough folks are using? What practices are game changers for you right now? What tools make your life easier? Where should .NET go tomorrow? It’s time to talk as peers, not as expert-to-learner again. And with the pandemic, the guest list isn’t limited to just London folks.

Tuesday 29th

How to Think Critically about Race with Elijah Lawal, Author of “The Clapback” – Register here

Following the ongoing murders and the many protests against police brutality that sparked outrage across the globe, addressing race inequalities and the differences between white and BAME daily experiences is not just important but also vital. But let’s be honest, talking about race is difficult. It’s uncomfortable, and can be painful and exhausting. “I like to use the metaphor of talking about race as going to the dentist – it’s unpleasant, but you have to go, otherwise, things will just get worse”. That’s not from London Tech Ladies but from Elijah Lawal, their guest speaker for their September event: How to Think Critically about Race.


Take care and look after yourself! If you fancy a chat, send a DM on the community Slack workspace to one of the lovely people below! Or message them on Twitter.

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