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We deliver end-to-end digital transformation to achieve long term zero-dependency. We equip your business with the right people, processes and technologies needed to support lasting change.

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    We love solving complex problems at pace.

    • Our client relationships are defined by high quality and high value interactions, delivered at pace.
    • We love to embrace the challenge of legacy services and help you to de-risk your existing technology stacks.​
    • We aren’t limited by delivery or tech preferences – whatever your situation, we’ll always get the job done.​
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    People focused.​

    We believe in transforming through delivery.

    • The right people, not technology, are fundamental to your successful digital transformation.​
    • All of our team and associates live and breathe the values of Tecknuovo, and are recognised for their emotional intelligence.​
    • We don’t believe in “good enough”. Our people always go above and beyond.​
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    Zero dependency.​

    Our success is defined by our

    • We can hire and train you an internal team, without ever compromising on our current delivery.​
    • We operate a one-team mentality in everything we do, right down to our flexible and transparent commercial agreements.​
    • Our delivery tactics ensure that at any stage, you can easily pick up where we left off.​
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    We make your ambitions a reality.

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    We apply a holistic approach to your digital transformation objectives so we can leave your organisation and your people in a better place - better culture, better production environment and better prepared for the next big project ahead.

  • DevOps and Cloud transformation

    Delivering digital transformation projects

    • Unbiased technical scoping
    • Smooth project delivery
    • Zero external dependency

    Playing at the forefront of today’s digital landscape means turning new opportunities into impactful solutions, quickly. Our team specialises in designing tech-agnostic transformation plans, mobilising in-house and external talent, overseeing digital projects from beginning to end and delivering sustainable solutions without ongoing dependency.

  • High-performance team building

    High-performance teams at scale

    • Expedited project timelines
    • Expert talent acquisition
    • Greater team synergy

    The ability to source great technical talent has become a competitive advantage, fueling faster timelines and more-robust solutions. We specialise in building top-tier internal tech teams from the ground up — sourcing, onboarding and integrating pre-gelled, multidisciplinary talent to achieve in-house capability in a fraction of the usual time.

  • Internal capability development

    Enhancing and up-skilling internal teams

    • Cutting-edge workforce
    • Complete team alignment
    • Internally-supported solutions

    Effective digital transformation requires existing teams to adapt and grow quickly. Through workshops and ongoing training, we align internal teams with new business and technical requirements and equip them with the skills and perspectives needed to drive cutting-edge digital solutions through to success and support them into the future.

  • Employer branding and awareness

    Building lasting employer brands

    • Boost company perceptions
    • Ongoing talent awareness
    • Stronger workplace culture

    According to a global McKinsey & Company survey, the most productive workers outperform their peers by up to 800 percent. Finding the best talent is time consuming and very competitive. At Tecknuovo, we believe that open source communities attract the best talent, and we encourage you to create a presence within those communities of developers and their innovations. Our Community Advocates will help you attract talent while nurturing your company’s internal culture.

  • Benefits

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    We run thorough discovery sessions and establish a clearly-defined scope and budget at the beginning of every project. This enables us to create realistic exit strategies and avoid unforeseen additional costs.

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    True in-house ownership

    We create extensive documentation and guide our partners toward solution independence. Our co-delivery model enables our team to integrate quickly and start building toward in-house ownership from day one.

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    Sustainable talent solutions

    Through our community, we position your brand and culture to resonate with talented engineers. We also ensure you’re equipped to effectively source new talent, up-skill them effectively and continue growing after our project ends.

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    Decades of experience transforming businesses - Let's talk about yours.

    We build high-performing teams and technology for businesses of all sizes. From start to finish, you'll work directly with our Founders to ensure smooth, efficient, considerate and top quality delivery of your project.

    For us, every new project starts with a conversation, so let's grab a coffee and talk about you.

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