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Meetups / Nov 27, 2019 / 1 min read

Tecknuovo community – A reflection on the past six months

Six months ago, our community initiative was born!

Our community initiative is online run on Slack with over 200 members. The platform helps bring together like-minded people looking to attend more meetups in the tech space. We share interactive polls every Friday, ready for the forthcoming week, which includes relevant and interesting events. Members can vote for events they plan on attending, with the option of adding events that aren’t on the list. We gather as a group from an hour before the meetup starts, before heading there together. This reduces the nerve-wracking feeling of meeting new people and attending events for the first time! During October, our first social event took place, which exceeded all our expectations! We had such a good time with it we’re already planning our next one so join the crew if you’d like to attend!

These first six months have been so rewarding for us. We are delighted to see how our community is growing and benefiting the member already on the channel. We are so proud to champion this community that brings together these amazing people and want to encourage others to break out of their comfort zone, join a community and build their network. This will enable you to learn new skills, share experiences and make new connections within your industry.

Joining is simple… click here and you will receive your invitation to join the Slack channel.

If you’d like more information about why we started the initiative, and our future plans, we have included a short video from DevOpsDays London:

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