Growing our leadership team in 2022

Gus Sargent
Jan 12, 2022
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Happy New Year 2022. In 2015 I founded Tecknuovo together with my friend from university, and now business partner Kieran Blackstone. In these six years that have passed, we have steered the company through many iterations. Each time growing from strength to strength. I am immensely proud of what we have accomplished as a team, and even more excited for what is coming. We are starting 2022 with ambitious plans to continue disrupting and providing Deliberately Different solutions in the IT consulting space.

To speed us along our journey we have welcomed many new faces to the team in 2022, and among those new hires are the amazingly talented individuals who have joined our leadership team.

We are excited to welcome on board Derek McManus who has joined Tecknuovo as our Chairman, driving our long-term strategic success. A thought leader in the telecommunications industry with 34 years of experience in mobile, Derek previously served as the COO of Teleónica UK (O2). With a focus on enabling businesses and individuals to harness the power of technology, he is a passionate change agent.

Our new CFO, Calvin Sellers, will be driving our commercial and financial strategies to underpin sustainable growth and investment in our people and customers. Along with his decades of commercial and operational finance expertise, Calvin also brings a wealth of strategic knowledge to Tecknuovo having worked as an Executive Coach for individuals, teams, and organisations.

Our Director of Engagement, award-winning Senior Female Business Leader Julie Sadler, will be looking after all active delivery, continuing to enhance our reputation while ensuring we are set up for scale. Among many of Julie’s accomplishments, she led the largest IoT infrastructure project of its kind, which was recognised with an award. Julie has been an ally, advocate, and leader in diversity and inclusion for over 15 years. She served on the board of the 02 Women’s Network and led its Step Into Stem initiative.

In her role as Engagement Lead, Candice Biden will partner with our key clients, understanding their business goals and challenges to ensure we develop the right solution that maximises value. Candice has been leading enterprise-level digital transformations and multivendor initiatives for over 15 years and has extensive experience in programme and product management.

In his new role as Director of People and Operations, Wayne Palmer continues to ensure our people are identified, nurtured, and inspired to do incredible work. Wayne has over 20 years’ experience working in technology and the past 13 years focussed specifically on forms of digital transformation using the principles of lean/agile. Wayne is instrumental in keeping the company truly modern and forward-thinking.

Claire Beasley joins us as Head of Governance & Compliance. Throughout her twenty-year career at Guidant Global, Claire has worked in both the private and public sectors in the UK and Ireland. Claire brings extensive experience in compliance to Tecknuovo, ensuring excellence in service for our clients while overseeing exceptional processes internally.

Our Head of Growth, Casey Walker will be working with our associates to bring a compelling experience for every Teckhead. Casey has over a decade of experience in talent attraction, branding, and employee engagement, and has helped businesses from startups to major organisations recognise the value of creative, innovative, and ambitious employer branding/people strategies.

I am eager to see what this next year will bring and what we can create together as we continue to rapidly grow in all areas of the business.

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