Tecknuovo customer Thames Water announced winner in 2022’s CIO 100 Awards

Mar 24, 2022
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Foundry’s CIO publication has named Thames Water a winner of its 2022 CIO 100 Awards. This annual programme recognises digital transformation projects at organisations across the globe that exemplify what it means to deliver business value through the innovative use of technology. Executives from the winning companies will be recognised at the CIO 100 Symposium & Awards on 15-17 August 2022.

Thames Water was listed for its outstanding work on a wholesale digital transformation programme. It involves a move from legacy on-premises infrastructure to modern cloud platforms and a strategic shift to data-driven customer experience (CX).

Disruptor technology consultancy Tecknuovo has played a key part in that transformation. Tecknuovo CEO Gus Sargent notes:

It’s been fantastic working with Thames Water to help bring them to the forefront of customer experience in their industry, and equally great to see our work recognised on a global level at the CIO 100 Awards.

Mike Potter, the Group CIO who presided over large parts of the project, believes that delivering transformation work in public life is about more than technology. He comments:

It gives you the opportunity to help those who are underserved – whether they’re people who need organ transplants, or those who need a tax system that will enable them to lead less stressful lives. I joined Thames Water during a crunch point for natural resources globally, and we needed to fundamentally transform to safeguard a critical service for our customers. To do that, we had to go far beyond a cosmetic transformation. That meant changing how we tap into huge volumes of data to make better decisions about how we operate and maintain our network. And it meant radically improving our offering on the customer experience front.

A critical part of Thames Water’s CX transformation was its ‘next generation contact centre’ (NGCC), designed and delivered by Mike Potter’s team, using multiple partners. Tecknuovo was one of the critical contributors. The project helped future-proof Thames Water for key business events such as billing and unprecedented weather. These events unleash soaring demand for customer service, and the work has been critical for helping Thames Water continue serving its customers during these times.

To learn more about how Tecknuovo helped Thames Water on their journey to becoming a CX leader, read the customer story here.

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