Emissions reduction targets

Our carbon offset has increased from 90% in 2019 to 125% in 2021, and we pledge to continue to offset at 125% or higher as we work toward becoming climate positive by 2050. Our dedication to behaving responsibly and minimising our environmental impact is detailed in full in our Environmental Policy on our website.

Our policy dictates that where we can reduce our emissions, we do. Anything that we can’t reduce we choose to offset through strategic partnerships, such as Trees for Cities and Evertreen. Since early 2020 we have been offsetting our Scope 2 emissions through our partnerships.

To continue our progress to achieving Net Zero, we have taken the following measures:

By operating from a central London office location, 0% of our staff commute to the office by car. 100% of our staff use public transport, walk, or cycle to the office.

Our hybrid working model enables employees to work from home. This reduces the number of commutes to the office per week and our overall carbon emission from travel, assisting us in reaching our climate positive goal.

98% of our business travel is done by rail rather than air. Wherever possible, travel to our client sites and business meetings is done by train as the preferred environmental choice.

From 2021 we ensure our offsetting includes not only Scope 2 emissions, but also business travel, and employee commuting.

We pledge that we will continue to offset our carbon emissions at 125% of what we create to move towards being a climate positive Company.

Our target to offset our emissions can be seen in the graph below and highlights the fact that as a growing business we anticipate our emissions will increase, but that our plan to continue to offset will continue.

From 2021 reporting onwards we have included emissions caused by employee commuting to the Scope 2 and Business Travel emissions.

Completed Carbon Reduction Initiatives

The following environmental management measures and projects have been completed or implemented since the 2019 baseline.

  • As a company we have always seen the importance of ensuring we do not have a lasting negative impact on the environment. We operate from a single London office location based in The Office Group building where all electricity purchased is certified renewable electricity.
  • Our Environmental Policy dictates that all employees contribute to minimising waste and ensure electrical equipment, heating, and lights are turned off when not in use.
  • Our ongoing commitment to offsetting emissions ensures that whilst we are a growing company and are carbon outputs will likely increase, where we cannot reduce, we will offset. Our partnerships with Trees for Cities, the UK charity working at a national and international scale to improve lives by planting trees in cities, has seen us effectively offset the measured carbon emissions from 2019 and 2020. More recently, to offset our 2021 and 2022 emissions we have partnered with Evertreen, an international tree planting organisation with a focus on supporting local communities.

Download the detailed Carbon Reduction Plan