The Zero Dependency framework is our promise to empower our customers to manage and own their technology solutions, experts and processes at the end of our engagement.

How does Zero Dependency work?

Our Zero Dependency approach is a clean break from traditional technology consulting. Our success is defined by our customers’ ownership of solutions and independence from us at the end of a project.

We achieve this by building bespoke multi-disciplinary teams who integrate with yours to build the solution to your challenge. They will mentor your people to work alongside them on the project, giving them the visibility and skills they’ll need to take full ownership of the work.

We’ll phase out our teams’ presence as your in-house capabilities grow, and exit the relationship once they’re fully fledged. That means you will walk away with Zero Dependency on us.

The Zero Dependency framework

What are the benefits of delivering technology
solutions under the Zero Dependency framework?

Working out loud

We document everything as we go and ensure end-to-end knowledge sharing. If we stopped working today, a team (of similar capability) could pick up on the work and be as productive within a month.

Shortened time-to-value

We mobilise specialist teams and can scale up or down within days. And we integrate demand, governance, and delivery to create value at pace.

Position & transition

We run dual delivery and upskill your in-house teams. You’ll be fully capable of owning and delivering the backlog by the end of the engagement.

Enduring capability

If you need it, we’ll source you a permanent in-house team within your salary bandings. You’ll be left with an upskilled team that has a deep understanding of the project and works with the right culture and patterns for maintaining the work.