We do this through our Zero Dependency Framework. It helps our customers solve today’s technology challenges, and creates the technical in-house capability they’ll need to build an independent tomorrow.

How does Zero Dependency work?

The Zero Dependency Framework builds our customers’ capability through delivery.

We begin by solving your today challenges around our core services: software engineering, platforms, DevOps and cloud, and data and AI.

As we deliver, we help you build the capability you’ll need for an independent tomorrow through our Zero Dependency services. This maps out where your dependency lies, helps you restructure, and builds the skills you need to operate autonomously.

Our Zero Dependency services work independently of our core services, too. If you’re happy with your technology but not with your dependence on suppliers, we can focus solely on helping your teams take control of your technology and IP.

Our core services

Software engineering

We build bespoke front-end and back-end software solutions for complex technology challenges. We can help you build from scratch, upgrade an existing service, or simply advise you on your current practice.

Platform engineering

From Salesforce to ServiceNow, we’re experts in helping our customers accelerate their journeys through low-code platforms.

DevOps and cloud

We specialise in helping our customers deliver cloud software securely into every major hyperscale platform, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP.

Data and AI

Improving decision making, optimising operations and innovating your business model all hinge on maximising your data. Our data and AI engineering expertise can help you keep one step ahead.

Our Zero Dependency services

Combining our core services with our Zero Dependency services completes the Zero Dependency circle.

Dependency assessment

We’ll start by assessing the best way to build your Zero Dependency. This will be a combination of making knowledge accessible, re-structuring operating models, and building technical in-house capability.


You can’t eliminate dependency and knowledge gaps without knowing where they are. Our knowledge service identifies gaps and builds a system that gives you control of your knowledge, how it’s distributed, and how it’s renewed.


Your organisation needs an optimised structure if you want to innovate and succeed. This service helps you restructure to streamline resistance to change, adopt modern forms of work, and build a work environment that attracts the best people.


This service helps you build the technical in-house capability you’ll need to take over your solutions. We’ll work with you to in-source new permanent teams, up or cross-skill your existing ones, and use apprentice schemes to integrate new talent.

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