Meet Tecknuovo at HPN 2024

Who is Tecknuovo?

We are an award-winning technology delivery partner with a Deliberately Different ethos. We believe there’s a better way to deliver consulting services. We do that by tackling our customers’ complex technology challenges today, and helping them build their in-house capability to free themselves from dependency on suppliers tomorrow.

How we can help NHS Trusts

A fresh take on consulting to support patients and frontline staff

We deliver complex technology solutions and build capability for publicly funded organisations — including HMRC, DfE, and DESNZ — to help them better serve the citizens who rely on them.

We want to help NHS Trusts do the same. We want to help you release time to care for frontline staff, save taxpayers’ money, and set you on a path to own the technology solutions that underpin your transformation in-house.

We can achieve this together through or Associate Model and our Zero Dependency framework.

What is Zero Dependency?

Zero Dependency is our promise to eliminate our customers’ dependency on technology suppliers to let them deliver better value for taxpayers and citizens. We start by solving our customers’ today challenges, and help them build an independent tomorrow by creating in-house capability through delivery.

Curious to know more? Read about our Zero Dependency framework here.

Meet our event team

  • Gus Sargent
    CEO / Co-Founder
  • Kieran Blackstone
    Managing Director / Co-Founder
  • Steve Killick
    UCD and Healthcare Practice Lead

Gus Sargent

CEO / Co-Founder

Gus co-founded Tecknuovo with Kieran, determined to change how the tech consulting industry works. He’s on a mission to deliver his customers' solutions, help them build technical in-house capability, and let them exit the relationship with Zero Dependency on us.

Email me on gus@tecknuovo.com

Kieran Blackstone

Managing Director / Co-Founder

Kieran and Gus share the dream of transforming tech consultancies’ relationship with their customers. He helps customers build their own in-house capability instead of continuing to sell them this service, and directs our business strategy to enable this at every turn.

Email me on Kieran@tecknuovo.com

Steve Killick

UCD and Healthcare Practice Lead

Steve’s advocates for user-centred design and putting people before technology to improve healthcare services. He Joined Tecknuovo from Surrey and Borders NHS Foundation Trust to combine his passion for UCD with technology delivery to better serve patients and frontline staff.

Our leadership team spans Delivery, Engagement, Strategy, and more. Want to meet the rest of the Tecknuovo leadership team? Head to to our 'who we are' page to learn more.

Meet more of the Tecknuovo team

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Customer stories

Shipping container cranes

HMRC: Delivering Critical National Infrastructure for post-Brexit logistics

  • Mobilising at pace: 40 engineers on site the day after the SOW was signed.
  • Agile approach: New teams security cleared and onboarded within a month.
  • Future savings: Ramped down Hypercare six weeks early, saving massively on cost.

Read the full story here

Building with windows

DWP: A DevOps journey to elevate public services

  • Modernising and automating: Migrating legacy IT systems to modern web-based applications, improving processes for the medium and long-term.
  • Ramping up at speed: Eliminated a backlog from 600 stories to 200 with just two DevOps engineers.

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DESNZ: Building a high-performing MVP to support UK businesses’ energy costs

  • Responding to policy-driven change: Vetted, mobilised, and onboarded a team in two weeks.
    Delivered the MVP in four weeks — estimated to take six months by GDS.
  • Delivering a high-spec MVP: The MVP processed 9000 applications in the four weeks post-launch.
  • Building repeatable patterns: The MVP can be lightly tweaked and replicated, and is already creating exponential value across the department.

Read the full story here

Tecknuovo: Trusted delivery partner for publicly funded organisations


Our social value model

Not only are we Deliberately Different, but we believe in making a difference too.

The more social value we generate as a company and the more we collaborate with our community, the more positive impact we will have on the social value that flows through our supply chain. And the greater our impact, the greater the benefit to you.

Creating equal opportunities
We recognise that it is critical to engage underrepresented and minority groups. Not only to plug the talent gap, but because a diverse workforce with diversity of thought is fundamental for addressing the public sector's challenges with the best solutions.

Tackling economic inequality
We partner with charities and VCSOs across the UK to create opportunities to attract skilled and unskilled people from deprived areas.

Fighting climate change
Supporting charities such as Trees for Cities is a small corner of how we help fight climate change. Read our full carbon reduction plan to learn how we are working toward becoming climate positive.