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Delivery Lead

About Tecknuovo 

Tecknuovo is a technology consultancy with a Deliberately Different approach. This means we genuinely focus on people, not just technology. We move at pace and ensure Zero Dependency on us at the end of each project. Our mission is to challenge our industry’s norm of supplier dependency. We don’t only build and deliver solutions we train and up-skill our customer’s teams to transfer complete ownership to them after we exit the project. 

We help our customers achieve lasting transformation. We are techies, chefs, wannabe sports stars, coders, comedians, mothers, fathers, gamers, superhero’s, book worms, geeks and creatives. We are deliberately different.

About the Delivery Hub 

The Delivery Hub is responsible for ensuring client expectations are exceeded with every interaction and throughout every engagement lifecycle. Delivery is the heart of Tecknuovo, where our reputation, values and behaviours align to ensure successful outcomes and repeat business that aligns with our mission. 

You will sit alongside our other hubs (from Engagement, Talent, Marketing, PMO, Finance & Compliance), and is a mixture of permanent and associate consultants providing delivery services to our clients.  

About the Role

As a Delivery Lead, you’ll be responsible for building strong teams from a mixture of disciplines, capable of ensuring the successful realisation of products or services for our clients. You will be embedded within our project teams where you will be hands on with the team on a day-to-day basis. You will be trusted by the customer, and you will ensure that Tecknuovo has the outcome, the customer, and our “customer’s customer” front of mind. 

In any given week you may find yourself travelling to a client site to build relationships and solve challenges, facilitating a remote planning workshop or coaching/mentoring a person in a client team. Expect to be developing proposals and creating assets alongside other hubs within the business. 

Expect variety, pace, and challenge. Having a desire and willingness to share knowledge and co-create is essential. 

Our Delivery Leads are expected to become leaders in their field, so you will be passionate about lean/agile delivery techniques and the latest trends for exceptional technology delivery. 

When you are not delivering outstanding value to our clients, you will have the chance to provide thought leadership to technical communities to help build awareness around the best practices we are looking to implement across Tecknuovo’s practices. 

Key personal attributes 

  • Exceptional communication skills, creating trust through authenticity and knowing when to react and challenge.
  • Out of the box thinker who can look beneath the surface of things, rapidly identifying and solving impediments to delivery.
  • Ability to work at a rapid pace to meet client and Tecknuovo expectations, adapting to changing requirements quickly and with resilience.
  • Ability to work collaboratively as well as alone; able to prioritise workload and safely context switch in a busy role. 
  • Self-starter who requires little direction. 
  • A deep passion for technology. 

Key responsibilities 

  • You actively listen and engage with stakeholders to understand their business problem or outcome and mapping that back to the technical solution that will deliver on those outcomes. 
  • Be able to build successful delivery teams. You understand team dynamics and use modern motivational techniques to influence how a team operates.
  • Be a catalyst for communication, encouraging team members and clients to speak up and share insight that will safeguard the success of the project. 
  • Superb facilitation of key client and team workshops, whether in-person or remote.
  • An advocate for the use of data in guiding decision making using appropriate metrics.
  • Development of brilliant, context specific processes based on modern lean/agile principles that ensure that the work flows effectively. 
  • Establish continuous improvement patterns that allow the team to continually reinvent those processes in pursuit of ever-increasing performance. 
  • Ensure that data essential for tracking our commercial agreements and demonstrating our value is captured and shared effectively. 
  • Ensure exceptional levels of quality in both outcomes and outputs, leading to high levels of client satisfaction. 
  • Be commercially aware, support and understand the constraints of any given project and navigate those constraints 
  • Be capable of taking a long-term view, with exceptional approaches to identifying and dealing with risks, issues, dependencies, and assumptions that may derail any initiative. 
  • Report back to the business on project status and any risks and issues. Mapping out key stakeholders and points of contact to manage 

Typical Engagement Stages 

Core roles performed by the delivery hub during the engagement lifecycle 


  • Supporting Engagement hub with qualification and management 
  • Running discovery (pre-sales) workshops
  • Supporting stakeholder mapping 
  • Identifying new growth opportunities 
  • Describing requirements and deliverables 

Customer on-boarding 

  • Project goals and objectives & success criteria 
  • Account and team structure 
  • Associate onboarding presentation 
  • High-level release plan (where applicable) 
  • Stakeholder mapping 
  • Associate vetting and onboarding 
  • Deliverables Validation 


  • Project delivery (scrum, agile, kanban, waterfall) 
  • Spotting any new opportunities 
  • Client QBRs 
  • Producing any client status reports 
  • Client stakeholder management 
  • Maintaining the RAID log for clients in JIRA 
  • Account Governance Calls 
  • Sprint planning 
  • Internal updates on engagements 
  • Reporting against sprints or overall plan 
  • Team retrospectives 

Transition and off-boarding 

  • Obtaining value metrics for case studies 

The experience 

  • 3-5 years of delivery knowledge with a background in successfully achieving client outcomes. 
  • Deep understanding of several different delivery methods together with an awareness of their underlying principles, and how those principles can be applied in unconventional environments. 
  • Ideally have worked within a consultancy or a variety of interesting, challenging organisations. 

Your support 

We advocate for a continuous learning culture with bespoke training programmes to support you in your career growth. We recommend and contribute towards study materials, courses and conferences that will help you learn and further develop your skills. 

You will be supported by the internal marketing team and you will have the opportunity to speak at meetups, run podcasts, write blogs and present at multiple different public events which will enable you to stand out as a leader in the space. 

Our values 

Here at Tecknuovo, it should be possible to see our mission and values at work every single day. Every practice, policy, interaction, or reward is recognisably tied to them. As we continue our journey to scale, we might not always get things right – we are all human after all. However, these will be our anchors, something which we expect everyone to hold each other accountable for: 

  • Make genuine connections 
  • Have the courage to act
  • Embrace the pace 
  • Move information freely 
  • Be curious, always 


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