A reinvented future in technology consulting with Mike Potter, Tecknuovo’s new Chief Strategy Officer

May 17, 2022
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We’re proud to announce that one of the UK public sector’s most experienced transformation leaders, Mike Potter, has joined Tecknuovo as Chief Strategy Officer. Mike has held positions including CIO at HMRC and Business Transformation Director at NHS Blood and Transplant. He’s joining our strategy hub to lead the implementation of our Zero Dependency offering – our promise to empower our customers to independently own the technology, people and processes that power their business success.

An opportunity to disrupt the technology consulting space

Mike spent an extensive part of his career in the public sector working hard to help its organisations take control of their technology, adopt new ways of delivering it, and use it to best meet the needs of both the organisations and the people they serve. The biggest driver behind that, he says, was his relentless focus on building the technical and cultural in-house capability that would let these organisations’ people take ownership of the technical and cultural skills that pave the way for technology-driven change.

Mike gravitated towards Tecknuovo because our flagship proposition — Zero Dependency — revolves around just that: helping our customers build their teams’ capability to the level where they can maintain and improve their solutions without our support.

Mike comments:

Zero Dependency is a compelling proposition that’s disrupting the way technology is delivered today and one that I can see being copied by many other companies in the coming years. And we shouldn’t see that as a threat, we should see that as validation that we are doing the right thing.

Gus Sargent, CEO & Co-Founder of Tecknuovo, says:

Appointing Mike as Chief Strategy Officer is a sign of our intent to continue growing our Deliberately Different model, which resolves technology challenges quickly while upskilling in-house teams. We’ve witnessed his expertise first-hand during our work with Thames Water and it’s clear that our culture and his passion for empowering professionals through digital transformation are a perfect match.”

Tecknuovo will no doubt benefit from Mike’s vast real-world, hands-on experience across the public and private sectors. But more importantly, so will our customers. I’m excited to continue both the business’ growth journey and the evolution of our Zero Dependency consultancy model now Mike is on board.

A future of democratised technology

Having closely monitored the evolution of organisations’ technology use over the last 20+ years, Mike can see that a seismic change is already underway.

Today’s cloud technologies are more accessible than ever, and companies can use them to build and deliver outstanding outcomes all by themselves. The democratisation of technology has been unleashed, and all future organisations will need is some help from companies like Tecknuovo to get them started.

What I want from my work with Tecknuovo is to enable other organisations to achieve breakthrough results that can help them serve their customers, or in the case of the public sector, to support the people who need it most. As an organisation, Tecknuovo is better equipped than any other to help people make a real difference to customers and communities. I’m looking forward to being able to point to tangible change in the business and wider world and say "Tecknuovo made that happen".

Building on collaboration and common purpose to future-proof scaling at pace

Mike’s primary goal as Chief Strategy Officer will be to focus on delivering enduring capability for our customers. Secondly, he’ll also be heading up our effort to make sure that our teams — a group of passionate, committed, energetic and driven people — continue to work brilliantly together as we scale.

Something I’ve learned throughout my career is that you can completely transform how an organisation works by working collaboratively and with a focus on common purpose. For me, that comes from knowing that our work is benefitting our customers, their end users, and citizens who rely on public services.

To learn more about how Tecknuovo’s teams, strategy team and projects are disrupting our industry, read more about our work here.

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