The Tecknuovo associate model: Benchmarks for 2024

Feb 28, 2024
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Mobilising a great team at speed sounds great. But how valuable is a team unless they deliver quality work and commit long-term to your project? We’ve designed our associate model to make sure our teams deliver just that — with every customer, every time.

In this blog post, we’re looking at some stats from our community of associates in 2023. We reflect on how it has and will continue to create value for our customers as we move into the new year.

23% of new associates came from referrals

We welcomed a sizeable 23% slice of new associates into the fold through referrals last year. This is great news for our customers, as it means they get to work with teams who have been pre-vetted not only by us, but also by their peers.

Embracing the pace: 2.7 days to find and vet the right person for a role

Speed is the name of the game when it comes to tackling our customers’ technology and business challenges. The first step towards that is finding the right people to deliver the work, which took us a mere average 2.7 days per role. This helped our customers quickly kick-start vital schemes to support their customers and users.

Hitting the ground running: Associates onboard in 12.8 days

Building a team is one thing, but what about actually getting them embedded and delivering with customers on the ground? Here too, we supported our customers move fast with an average onboarding time of 12.8 days. Large-scale transformation projects are colossal to begin with, and even small delays can impact delivery times far down the line.

Getting teams on the ground this quickly helps our customers deliver their projects an estimated 3x faster than the industry average.

40% of team members came from Tecknuovo's existing network of associates

Community isn't a buzzword at Tecknuovo. We sourced 40% of new customer team members from our existing community of associates and alumni. Our community knows our ways of working, align with our values, and have proven their value with both us and our customers. Thanks to this percentage of team members stemming from our community, we had a record-high retention rate of 93% across our projects.

78% of associates passed their first-stage interview

A successful mobilisation process starts with finding and selecting the right candidates. In 2023, an impressive 78% of candidate associates cleared the first stage interview. Why does this matter? It all comes back to four things: speed to mobilise, the quality, the low turnover and minimised stalling time this means for our customers, and the trust that this builds and maintains with our customers.

What can we conclude from all of this? The numbers point to the importance of building and nurturing technical communities — for customers as well as the technology experts themselves.

To find out more about how our community of associates helps us deliver for our customers, read our customer stories here.

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