Meet the Teckheads: Kerry Gregory, Head of PMO

Jun 15, 2022
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In this Q&A series, we’re introducing you to the Tecknuovo team who make it all happen at our London Bridge HQ. This week we spoke to Kerry Gregory, our fantastic Head of Project Management Office (PMO). Let’s dive in!

How would you describe your role at Tecknuovo in two or three sentences?

I’m Head of PMO. Essentially, my team and I are the grease that flows through the machine that is Tecknuovo, enabling all the parts to move as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

What’s the most interesting development you’ve seen in PMO in the last few years?

There’s been a welcome shift away from reporting and managing projects and towards releasing value within the organisation. That change in mindset was long overdue, and is letting PMO think more broadly about what we do within the organisation and ultimately, how we serve customers.

What most excites you about the next few years in PMO?

I’m looking forward to seeing what we can do with big data sets and automation. There’s a world of insights and analysis waiting to be unlocked for better decision making.

What made you gravitate towards a career in tech?

I was drawn to the world of tech because of the pace and constant strive for improvement and innovation. Tech touches everything in 2022, and it’s great to see that the majority of sectors now have tech as an enabler.

What is your proudest achievement — professional, personal, or both?

My proudest professional achievement was giving a talk on “PMO of the Future” for PMO Global Alliance that was viewed over 5000 times!

My proudest personal achievement was finally committing to doing exercise. During lockdown, I discovered that running gives me that much needed “me time”. It lets me clear my mind when I have things to figure out, and when I don’t, I listen to audiobooks to relax.

How does your role as Head of PMO sit within the fabric of Tecknuovo, and why is it important?

We help people turn their vision, goals, and aspirations into actionable pieces of work that they can plan and implement. PMO is the bass player in the band. We keep the general rhythm, but also enable flexibility for all the creativity that goes on around us.

How do you make a difference to customers in your role?

Internally, I make things easier for our colleagues across the organisation by ensuring we strive for and ensure the standards we want to work to.

Externally, we make our customers’ lives easier by making the all of the processes that go into a project as simple and frictionless as possible. This saves them time and money, and puts digestible data that highlights the most important insights right at their fingertips.

How would you describe your leadership style?

I always try to be a servant leader. I think about what I can do to help my team, rather than what I need the team to do for me. I always try to be collaborative and inclusive, and give people the opportunity to stretch and challenge themselves in a safe environment. If things don’t pan out as planned, we learn and move on. I also try to bring the fun and have lots of laughs with my team!

If you could re-write your job title in your own words, what would it be?

Tecknuovo bass player.

What excites you most about your job?

There are no boundaries. PMO can literally get involved in anything the company wants to do.

What’s your favourite inspirational (or non-inspirational) quote?

“Perfection is the enemy of progress”

What’s a surprising fact very few people know about you?

I once sung on-stage to a fully packed arena at Wembley stadium.

Favourite film?

New Jack City.

Guilty pleasure?

Watching New Jack City!

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