Tecknuovo wins place on Crown Commercial Service’s DALAS framework

Jul 12, 2023
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Tecknuovo’s services on the DALAS framework

Tecknuovo has been named a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s Digital & Legacy Application Services (DALAS) framework. It will use its expertise in large-scale, complex transformation projects to help government organisations build an IT application support model that doesn’t depend on legacy technologies.

The challenger tech consultancy is offering its services as a standalone supplier on Lot 2b: Digital, integration and programme application services. It is also a CCS-approved partner of suppliers on two other Lots — Lot 2a: large-scale digital, integration, and development services, and Lot 3: Application and integration run services

For more information about the Lots featured on the DALAS framework, head to CCS’s website.

A shared vision of modern technologies and technical independence

Andy Price, Tecknuovo’s Chief Commercial Officer, comments on Tecknuovo’s placement on the framework:

“We’re incredibly excited about the opportunity to continue helping the government on its journey to embracing modern, cloud-based applications through the DALAS framework. Moving away from legacy technologies is at the core of our Zero Dependency® framework. Our mission is to help organisations de-couple from costly legacy technologies, adopt cloud-based alternatives, and build an enduring capability to own their skills and technology strategies in-house. Our vision aligns with the government’s digital strategy and objectives under the DALAS framework, and we look forward to continuing to help it drive digital change to maximise value from taxpayers’ money.”

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