'The Big Fat Teck Quiz’ premier in review

Rachel Peplow
Mar 29, 2023
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In her blog post, our Community Manager Rachel Peplow reflects on our debut ‘Big Fat Teck Quiz’: a fun-filled quiz evening for our community of associates. We brought our associates and HQ team together for the day in our offices to build relationships, strengthen the community, and of course to battle it out for the winner’s title! Read all about it here.

Nurturing our community with the Tecknuovo associate model

Since joining Tecknuovo as Community Manager four months ago, I’ve been hyper focused on growing and nurturing our associate model. The Tecknuovo associate model is our unique framework for shaping and nurturing the community of talented technology professionals (our ‘associates’) who put in the work that delivers outstanding results for our customers’ projects.

I entered the world of tech from a whole other background of fashion and sports. But from the moment I had my first conversation with our CEO Gus, I was instantly drawn in by Tecknuovo’s palpable sense of culture and community.

Underpinning that sense of community is the associate model — a completely unique way of finding and nurturing talent in the technology consulting space.

The vast majority of companies either have long rows of “benched” consultants, or call up previously unknown consultants for every project — before ultimately cutting off the relationships with those consultants at the end of the engagement.

By contrast, we turn to our trusted community of associates as a first port of call when we mobilise bespoke teams for our customers’ projects. And when the project is done, we re-introduce them into the community, where we nurture them until the next exciting customer project comes along.

To get an idea of how this benefits our customers and their projects, read our Director of Growth Casey’s report on our 2022 associate data.

Forging relationships in the Tecknuovo community

Let’s be honest: the word ‘community’ gets thrown around a lot. But what does it actually mean? At Tecknuovo, we believe that communities are groups that inspire their members in ways that promote a sense of self-discovery and group connection, encourage members to express their beliefs and values, and build relationships with others. That means that when relationships are strong, the community thrives.

It’s no secret that the most successful ways to forge relationships is through social interactions. In a post-Covid world, and especially in a sector where 60% of workers are remote, it can be challenging to find the opportunity to meet and interact with your peers.

This was the seed behind our idea to host not only an open house for all our associates to come and work at our London HQ during the day, but to make it an all-day affair by following up with our very first ‘Big Fat Teck Quiz’ that evening!

The Big Fat Teck Quiz — a debut to remember

We had dozens of associates come in to work with us during the day from across our customer teams including Thames Water, DWP and HMRC. Even more arrived after work hours, making for a jam-packed full house for the quiz night. It’s fair to say Tecknuovo Towers was buzzing for 12 hours straight!

One of the unique benefits of our associate model is that we foster community, upskilling, and relationship building across customers, projects, and technology disciplines. So the Big Fat Teck Quiz was the perfect opportunity for our associates to not only meet our HQ team, but to also connect with their fellow associates from across the spectrum of our community.

The event was a huge success with personal connections created and nurtured and cross-project problem solving at the top of the agenda(as well as a huge response as to when the next one will be, which is coming up soon — watch this space!).

We promise the next one will be even bigger and better, so keep your eyes peeled for more news on how to sign up.

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