The future of technology sourcing strategy: learnings for 2023

Casey Walker
Apr 21, 2023
  • 3 min read

It’s already been a busy start to the year at Tecknuovo, and we're excited to share our performance results with you. As a technology consulting company that challenges the traditional permanent consultancy model, we're proud to say that our Deliberately Different approach to providing flexible, outcome-based consulting services has enabled many businesses to achieve their digital transformation goals.

One key aspect of our approach is our associate model, a bespoke service that assembles teams of highly skilled contract and freelance technical professionals to tackle customer challenges. We deliver optimal outcomes for our customers by leveraging our community’s unique expertise and problem-solving abilities.

In this blog post, I’m using some stats from our associate community in 2022 to ask the question: is it time to think differently about how we source technology talent?

We welcomed 119 new associates in 2022

Our average monthly growth rate sits at 20%. According to our associate surveys , that’s thanks to the allure of engaging customer projects, a supportive and collaborative team environment, and genuine, service-based IR35-compliant contracts.

Our ever-expanding associate community gives our customers access to a constantly evolving pool of technologists who are engaged with our customers and aligned to their ways of working, as well as up-to-date in the newest technologies.

40% of new hires came from our alumni and active associate network

Our network of associates is a large group of pre-qualified technologists who are familiar with our customers’ ways of working, and who represent the behaviours and values that we promote at Tecknuovo. Having access to this pool benefits our customers by letting them access expert, technically and culturally vetted teams who deliver at the highest quality on every project.

94% of our associates completed their project or contract in 2022

94% of associates completing their projects gave us a turnover rate of just 6%. This record-high retention rate amounts to huge benefits for our customers by nurturing our community of technology workers. It means that every team we mobilise is trustworthy, technically savvy, and culturally vetted to fit each of our customers’ culture and ways of working. And the minimal disruption from turnover maximises efficiency, improves time to deliver, and drives cost optimisation also.

Our associates’ average tenure is 18.5 months

This, too, is a source of consistency and reassurance for our customers. The less changeover you have, the more continuity and efficient use of time and resources you’ll enjoy.

Our average time to onboard is an industry-leading 19 days

From agreeing requirements to getting our people on the ground, our time to mobilise is unheard of anywhere else in the industry. Reliably getting teams up and running in this timeframe ensures our customers see results sooner, quickly embarking on their transformation programmes by rapidly hitting the ground at speed.

Our time to resource is just 2.5 days per open role

Our quick turnaround is possible thanks to our TeckBar — our vetting process for candidates looking to join the Tecknuovo associate community. It consists of three stages: technical assessment, project alignment, and a values and behaviours assessment. And speed isn’t the TeckBar’s only benefit — it also gives you early visibility on and reassurance about the quality of our work on your project.

Time for a new way of sourcing technology skills?

These figures beg the question: is it time to think differently about how you secure and retain the technical skills that your business’ success will rely on?

To find out more about how Tecknuovo can help you find the right people and upskill your internal teams to build a sustainable sourcing strategy, get in touch!

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