Celebrating two home-grown new Tecknuovo Directors: Ashley McFarnon and Casey Walker

Jul 18, 2022
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We’re buzzing with excitement as our growth journey continues at dizzying speeds. Just this calendar year, our London HQ team has expanded by 110%!

In addition to letting us welcome wonderful new Teckheads into the fold, this record growth has also given us the pleasure of promoting some familiar faces to Director roles.

Ashley McFarnon: Director of Finance

During her stint at Tecknuovo, Finance guru Ashley has run a tight ship to oversee and control our figures as our compound annual growth soared by 52.4% in the past three years. Stepping into a well-deserved directorship position, she’ll be leading the team who ensure the smooth running of our financial operations machine both internally and for our customers. She’ll also take a seat at the strategy table to align with our other departments and continue to support the business from a financial perspective as the Tecknuovo growth story evolves.

“It's an incredibly exciting time to be growing with Tecknuovo. Our HQ team, number of customers, and our financial figures are all climbing up an exponential curve, and I’m welcoming both the challenges and rewards that this will bring. I’m lucky to work with a fantastic group of people — both on my own team and in the wider business — and I look forward to continuing to develop a leading finance strategy to match.” – says Ashley

Casey Walker: Director of Growth

Casey lives and breathes all things people engagement, and will be looking after our growth strategy from a hiring and culture perspective. That will include continuously improving our associate model: our unique way of working with technology consultants that fosters community and continuous learning in addition to mobilising teams for customers. Casey is looking forward to creating an industry-leading hub that will attract, engage, and retain best-in-class talent as we continue to scale.

Casey notes:

“I’m excited to continue to grow our brand and community, working with best-in-class experts from across the technology landscape. And we have plenty of exciting new projects up our sleeve as well. That includes Teck Talks: a series of events for the Teck community and beyond, and our Teck Academy: an apprenticeship programme to mentor up-and-coming technology talent into the industry.”

To meet the rest of our Strategy Hub, head to who we are.

Deliberately Different technology consulting

Our difference is defined by our focus on People, Patterns, and Pace. That means we build bespoke high-quality teams, apply our proven ways of working and solve our customers’ challenges quickly.

The evolution of Zero Dependency

We developed the Zero Dependency framework through our work with four customers. They each had unique challenges but one wish in common: to independently manage and own the technology that powers their business success. This is the evolution of Zero Dependency.

Tecknuovo ranked on the Sunday Times 100 Fastest-Growing Companies list

Tecknuovo are ranked 78th on the Sunday Times 2022 100 Fastest-Growing Companies list. This list recognises the fastest-growing private companies in the United Kingdom. Listed companies must demonstrate consistent growth, create jobs, and, sustain profitability.

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