Telecoms: turning data into decisions with a bespoke reporting platform

The challenge

Our customer is one of the UK’s leading telecommunications and internet services providers.

They were building a new data-driven reporting functionality ahead of a major business event: a B2C platform release ahead of a major pre-Christmas sales push.
The existing reporting functionality was built on legacy reporting applications. Our customer’s data was spread across the organisation in disparate systems, hindering the teams from gathering the insights they would need to consistently make intelligent decisions for the business.

They knew they had to overhaul their outdated system in favour of a modern cloud-based platform, but were lacking the data expertise to deliver quickly enough ahead of the platform build deadline.

Pressure was rising for our customer to migrate their data reports and build a superior reporting capability ahead of the launch, so they turned to Tecknuovo for help.

The solution

Identifying requirements

We worked closely with key our customer’s stakeholders to define the project’s requirements.

With a healthy track record in data-driven transformation and access to rare engineers with 10+ years’ data experience, we suggested to form three teams:

  • A data DevOps team to automate the CICD pipeline and code
  • A data modelling team to consolidate disparate data from across the organisation
  • A data analytics team to build a high-spec reporting functionality alongside our customer’s in-house team

Our deep understanding of data challenges and our access to the necessary expertise helped us redefine a previously struggling delivery plan for our customer.

Kicking off at record speed

After mere days of starting our engagement, we had identified and proposed our solution to our customer’s business challenge. And thanks to our hundreds-strong community of talented data practitioners, we got our fully formed teams up and running within seven days of setting out the scope.

Our industry-leading onboarding speed and access to rare data skillsets were critical for kickstarting our customer’s revamped journey to delivering its new analytics platform on time.

Delivering sustained value

Our teams are delivering value on three fronts:

  1. The data DevOps team are working to fully automate the CICD pipeline. They’re paving the way for different environments to be coded together, as well as automating the code that goes through them.
  2. The data modelling team are re-modelling the business’ data from both legacy applications and new sources. Consolidating this live data will empower our customer to do two things: gather real-time insights, and leverage them for data-driven business decisions at every turn.
  3. The data analytics team are making these insights accessible and actionable by building a reporting functionality in the analytics layer using Tableau, Alteryx and Snowflake. To retain and leverage historical data, they’re also migrating our customer’s legacy reports onto the new platform.

Our teams’ work has created immediate value by putting our customer firmly on track to deliver the B2C platform on time.

On top of that, we’re providing long-term value through the high-spec reporting functionality. This will give the telecoms giant fingertip access to live customer data — a considerable advantage over its industry peers.

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