Behind the scenes of Deliberately Different: Tecknuovo’s values

May 24, 2022
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We’re a Deliberately Different technology consultancy. That means we set ourselves apart from the rest of our industry in how we think, communicate, and deliver quality work for our customers. We have five values that run through everything we do as people and as a company: curiosity, openness, pace, courage and connection.

Read on to find out what each of them means and how they unite us in our mission to become a disruptive force in our industry.


Curiosity is key for a young tech consultancy on a mission to help businesses solve and own their most complex challenges. It’s how we open our eyes to new possibilities, generate new ideas and innovate. We are constantly on the lookout for new technologies and ways of working that can help us empower our customers to realise lasting business value from their technology.

Our approach to delivering that value is tech-agnostic, meaning that we’re open to solving challenges using any technology or platform. We put our customers’ needs first, then consider which technologies we could use and put together a custom team with the niche skills needed for the project.


Openness embodies how we communicate with our customers. We measure our success against their ability to understand, own and take control of their technology once we’ve exited the relationship. That means we work out loud as we build and deliver, making sure that each step and process are so thoroughly documented along the way that our customers’ teams can take full control and leave the engagement with Zero Dependency on us.


We pride ourselves on our pace. It’s inherent in our nature as humans and a business. Spend a day with us in the office or on-site with our associates and customers, and you’ll feel the energy of a group of people who are always on the move and looking to be better. Not just tomorrow, but now.

Some of our customers like to compare us to a flotilla of speedboats. Fun analogy aside, this truly reflects how we deliver on requirements faster than anyone else in the business — without ever compromising on quality. We know that pace isn’t an asset on its own. That’s why we pair it with our deep technical and business expertise to understand what our customers need first, and deliver it at unmatched speeds second.


We are Deliberately Different in everything we do, and that takes courage — it helped us become the company we are today. We transformed ourselves from a recruitment company to a technology consulting disruptor in just three years, and not by a stroke of luck. Our mission today is the do what no other technology consultancy has done. We’re championing a business model that embodies the polar opposite of the industry norm — perpetual dependency on suppliers — by designing our work to ensure our customers can walk away with Zero Dependency on us at the end of our engagement.

We are challenging the very foundations that our industry is built on with a brave new proposition in hand.


None of these values and the actions they fuel would be possible without the way we connect to each other, our associates, and our customers. We value the people we work with over anything else. That includes our permanent in-house team, and also the diverse and talented community of associates that help us deliver quality work for our clients.

Connection is inherent in how we build lasting in-house capability for our customers — through hands-on mentoring between senior and junior engineers, and in how our teams mesh and work with our customers in a people-centric one team approach.

If you like the sound of our values, our work and our people, head to our jobs page to find out more about our team and how you could join us!

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